Thursday, April 16, 2015

Post # 600 Now Give Me A Cookie!

          As always I want to welcome everyone back to this very page.  Full of wonder, rambling, and of course coffee love.  Dredge deep into my mind as you -and I try to determine just what the hell I am talking about.  As I type on either after not enough caffeine or way to much in my system. 

My newest Exploring page is getting close to 5,000 views! Please visit and find out what all the fuss is about. Local pictures and Exploring. Tons of new posts and pictures in the works. As well as a drive to gain tons of new readers.

  Lots of new pictures and post coming to this sight very soon.  And one of the next ones will be about our trip to the big fair.  Each year since we have moved here we talk about going, but something --usually lack of cash, seems to come up.  I have no idea what we will witness on this voyage, but I do know for sure I am buying a carnival corn dog or three.   They have to come from the carnival vendors on the midway.  No where else on a fair lot, do they taste near as good.  I have talked about this feast before, we have been to a lot of fairs in the past, and the carnival corn dog is something I always crave.   I do not know how they make them so Dam good, nor do I wish to ever lean there secret. 

     I am in the middle of a three day in a row stretch of daze off work.  This never happens, they like to break up my days off of work.  So much so that some weeks it really does feel like I have 4 Fridays in the same week.  Plus each day returning to work is really like a Monday it seems.  I might just decide to not return to week.   At least that is what I threatened to my bosses while trying to gain extra work hours.  Not that I do not stay busy at home.   In fact many days off I believe I work much much harder than I ever do at work.  Although I would never admit that to any of my bosses.  But there is still to much down time for me.  I hate sitting.  In that thought line--I am going to disappear on some form of picture taking hike/Exploring in the morning.  I want to leave early because it is also my wife's birthday.  She is turning 27 once again!  

Again it is very rare
But I have no comment for this one!
Just like at work---I simply put 0 on every line of
every type of paper work I fill out for work and for the IRS.
Good thing my wife does our taxes.
So while it did   get rather chilly --for the desert here last night
above is a picture I borrowed from the Wyoming Highway Patrol
page --from this morning. 
This is some where between Laramie and Cheyenne. 
Although many a day I  wish it would snow here  a lot
and cool things off  for a month or two
it is still defiantly winter in the west.

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