Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wake Up!

Now bring me LOTS of pie!!

              I really have to say that I have not been sleeping very much over the last week or so.  I don't usually sleep much, that of course is why there is coffee!  But now with great family issues and such--- When I do try to lay down, that is when my brain goes into full drive.  And the next thing I know it is morning and I have to keep on keepin' on.  Not even the coffee seems to be helping much at this point.   One highlight---I get a lot of thinkin' done.  That is also a great bad point at the same time of course.  Luckily today I got called into work, so for 7 wonderful hours my mind shut down a little bit and focused on my customers and  more importantly the tips they would leave me. 

            As I sit here waiting for my laundry to get done--I feel that I and probably you want a cheer up?   So here are tonight's jokes for you---also known as attempts at jokes on any real web sight.  ;)

If you don't get it   you might also be blonde   Shhh!

**"If a red head loses there temper--is she refered to as-Ginger snaps?"**

I don't even believe waking up to this wondering cat would have fully woke me up this morning. 

Although my new coffee cup   might have. 

If everything works out tomorrow  I am going on a short road trip. 
And should have more Exploring pictures. 
I have many new ones to share   I just have been slacking. 
This is kind of amusing, since I have recently discovered I really have no life at all.
Anyways for much local Exploring and pictures   PLEASE check out my newest blog sight
and share

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