Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter To All --2015!

                     *"If you hate anyone because of your faith. You are doing it wrong."**

            Last Easter was only a year away, but my wife and I could not figure out for the life's of us what we did last year.  I am pretty sure it poured rain here so we kind of held off on a lot of the egg hiding and such.  To steal some Easter pictures I went to my blog post from last year, and quickly read why we did not do much last year.  For one thing Easter hit on 4-20  so with weed now legal in Washington state, we were pretty glad we were not still living in WA.  I can just see it now  a bunch of high people running around trying to catch bunnies that were not really there so they could squeeze chocolate out of the bunnies and than nail them to a cross.  Anyways, last year my wife had surgery on her foot and we went up to Tucson early and stayed in a motel.  Later today, this year we are going to endure the desert heat and have a bbq.  Cook up some stoned rabbit meat or something.  I hope everyone in reader land, and stoner land-- has an amazing and very hoppy Easter!

Because I didn't hide any!!?

        So just a few daze ago we learned that an actual coffee shop opened up in Benson.  I have not yet had a chance to visit, but from what I have heard, it is a very good place.  I am beyond excited about this.   And of course will have a future post   hopefully all good after visiting.  I don't know if some of you know this, but I kind of like coffee.  I got overly spoiled while living in the great north west, where great coffee started because great coffee places could be found about every ten feet.   And most of these had free wi fi   so I could walk to coffee---many days a different coffee shop each day, wake up, type out a blog, and people watch.  For the most part the coffee in this area is horrid.  And decent coffee shops or even places I would want to sit in long enough to type up a blog post are few and far between.  As I said more to come on this one. 


    Easter is a great day to catch up on  my old blog posts!   This very page alone is nearing 600 posts filled with random rambling and my deep thoughts!   My newest, local Exploring page is filled with pictures and Exploring.  MANY new pictures, features, and posts in the works.  Please share these pages if you enjoy what you see here.  In the next few months I will really be working on greatly expanding the readership of each page.  

**After you search for some eggs and such today is a great day to catch up on my Exploring blogs. Local picture filled Exploring. Check it out and than share the page with everyone you know!   **

Grand Canyon  start of the trail   about 6 AM
While the shadows where all still deciding where they should be.
True story!
I am planning a big loop through the true west to visit my parents this summer.
I should have more pictures like the above after the trip.
      **Breaking news** A Ford Taurs was observed at 9:00 PM this evening traveling south from Nogales AZ at a high rate of speed. The vehicle flipped several times and landed on it's top by the side of the road. 95 people are assumed dead.----- This is a fake headline I posted the other day  I might or might not be making fun of all of the illegals that do not even need to hide to come into this country now it seems.   This came after spending two hours at the DMV the other day.  All of our missions got accomplished on this day.  BUT thanks to Obamma  I think it would now be easier for an illegal that survived the above crash to get an US drivers license than for me to get one.  Does no one else recall the daze when simply having a drivers license from another state, meant that YES you actually where a legal citizen of whatever US state your previous license was from.  The new state you lived in than just charged you money, lectured you for not switching over your license when you first became a resident of the new state, instead of two years after and you went home.  Slightly sad because your new photo picture is much worse than the last mug shot you received.   Now a licencs from another state in the US is no longer proof of anything.  Except that you once lived in that state, and that yes, you still take bad pictures!   Now you need 22 forms of ID and three forms of bodily fluid to prove you are whom you say you are.  And good luck passing the test to prove if you can check the Male or Female box on your license!  I know all of this is needed and good, and probably more extreme since we live right next to the boarder  but once again freedom is far from free. License

    MY mini rant for today----so a few months ago we went to a local garage sale---and the people putting it on were so absorbed by being online--that they ignored those actually at the garage sale. I am all for selling things online, but if you are so busy with your selfies and such--you can't even greet the people that drive to your garage sale---- you do not need my cash. I would say the same thing if I went to a local business and got to listen to there personal phone call while at the counter to buy something.

Whooops    wrong holiday.
Silly me!

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