Tuesday, April 21, 2015


                     Hello all!   Yesterday I did a very long winded very coffee fueled post with no pictures.   For shame!  I know.  Even though I had some perfect "borrowed" pictures to go with the post, my computer was not cooperating and I could not down load any of them.   I once again am finding myself with way to much free time and not enough activities to fill the lonely days---so later did a very picture filled post on my Exploring page.  A page you really should check out and share-share-share!   http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

      Much of yesterdays post dealt with the date being 4/20.  A national holiday in the minds of stoners from coast to coast.  I have no need for drugs BUT have lived in Oregon long enough to know that by the end of the day---all local grocery stores were ransacked for all munchies typed foods.  I was posting early in the morning yesterday before work and after my daily coffee guzzling and scanning all the latest crap on Facebook.  And was more than a little disappointed that I came across no 4/20 posts.   I decided that the smokers had started celebrating the night before and that after work, and after noon there would be many related posts.  This held true of course.  Most of the where even amusing to the non stoner!   I do believe though the best such post came today....

      Above I talk about finding myself on Facebook way to much.   I even leave the window to the sight open when I type out these blog posts so that I can borrow jokes and my wise quotes.  I really would like to take a break from it all and just kind of disappear off the grid and from every ones knowledge of my existence for a long while.  But I quickly find myself  annoyed and almost suffering from withdrawals when away from the sight for to long.  I think maybe I need a 12 step program to wein off of Facebook   maybe we could all meet online?

I is a poet and didn't even know it---y'all!
I guess this could double as a good poem for this very blog page also.

Last nights post in my Exploring page dealt with spray paint and vandals and all.

I grew up in Wyoming.
It is very cold  but only for about 9 months out of the year.
As some of you might have heard-or lived through   
it just snowed there a few days back.
I have been up in the Rockie Mountains in July and seen snow. 

So today I thought I could quickly take some driving classes online to keep me out of court tomorrow.  I just learned it is a fun void five hour class.  
There went my day off.
Even more of a challenge when you are not welcome home to do the class   or anything else for that matter.  
Anyways I will have more tomorrow on how great this class was. 
And how much of an more betterer driver I will soon become.

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