Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/2015 Don't Make Me Think Up A Blog Title

Nogelas, Arizona Exploring.

                     The last few weeks have been a huge --non enjoyable emotional roller coaster for me.  I will dwell, more whine more about this in the future, proably on a very booze filled night  But rejoice this will not be the topic tonight!  On a some what related note--my last picture filled post on my Exploring page is all about my recent trip to the fair!  Marking 75 posts from across amazing Arizona on that very page.   http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/ 
This here very page now has over 600 posts!   So I must be doing something right because people keep on viewing the page.  Although they have yet to explain why.  Suddenly alone with all of my feelings, is not a good place to be.   And if nothing else, I have learned that I really have few freinds--but the ones I do have are amazing.  I have also recently learned that I have very few hobbies.  I do enjoy taking pictures and posting on my sights  and find it very calming.  So I have been trying to post away.  And post away with out going into the dark side with my thoughts.  

This bill speaks the truth
and right now this truth really hurts my heart. 

Loony Tunes are always deep  and frank with there statements

Joe Dirt  always motivating everyone!
Although I had a boss I used to call Joe Dirt 
and he couldn't even motivate a flea circus to go after a grangy stray dog. 


Mmmmm coffee!

Once you see this   you can not fully un see it!

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