Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coffee Shop Offices And Sleeping In Dreams

            Good morning all!  Before the coffee fully kicks in, something I am very far from at this point, I often wonder if good and morning should ever be in the same sentence together.  Once I roll out of bed, I am usually fine with mornings  no matter how early they happen to start.  But could be much more fine with them, if mornings soon officially started about noon.  I hate to complain about things that can't be changed---wait, no I don't!  That's mostly what this page is about.   Complaing, coffee, jokes, Exploring, and the very occasional deep thought thrown in to keep y'all reading.  And read you do, although I am often surprised at the popularity of this site.  I read the posts often myself, but more as a way to put myself to sleep at night.  For sure --when I have my near death experience--and my life flashes before my eyes, I will be very bored.   This Revelation  should make me want to go live more.  But at the moment I just want lots and lots of coffee!

   I know I keep saying this---but my newest Exploring page is soon to go through many changes.  Hopefully fully for the better!   Lots of new ideas, pictures, and posts really are in the works.   And I am working on getting tons of new readers of all kinds to the sight.   Please check it out before it becomes to kool for you!
Just short of 5,000 views as of this morning!  

  Speaking of coffee---I find myself at Starbucks this fine morning.  I have not been to a Starbucks in quite awhile.  In my travels I tend to end up at them often -not as much because of there coffee, but because they have free Wi-Fi and because there are SO many locations.  Getting here about 7 this morning   I was kind of surprised at how busy the place was.  I guess I am used to my front porch were sipping coffee alone is much easier.  Although with three kiddos and three dogs not a guarantee.   The place was packed when I first entered.  And although I do enjoy people watching --the constant flow of coffee seekers just behind my back was a little annoying.   The far wall was filled with people and there lap tops---just like me, but plugged into the wall and with a full "office" set up.  This only bugged me because my own computers batter power is so low   that it does not stay powered up long.   And because I did not have enough stuff in  my computer bag to play office.   At any case, if I was a good enough server to need an office I could afford someone to get my coffee for me every day.   Four times a day.  

Add about 6 years to this photo and it is a pretty dang accurate picture of what I look like this morning. 

If you have not yet noticed this sight talks about coffee a good deal.

Uranus jokes are always a great time!

Delicious  but this cat looks more than a little constipated.
Maybe that is just his angry face.

Git you some!

But I only want this if the prices are amazingly high also!

Sign I found in a casino/ tourist trip a few months ago on a road trip.

Speaking of signs---here's your sign Reno!
This casino was advertising how they could cash in your tax refund check. 

I have so many new to you pictures to post. 
I just need to set up my full office at home not at the coffee joints, were they keep kicking me out after 6 hours or after I stop buying coffee. 

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