Friday, July 29, 2011

    **There should be a relationship status--on Facebook--- for "I don't even know whats going on"**

                          **"Suckin at something is the first step to being sort of good at it."**

                                    **"A pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart!!!"**

    I have had a few editorials posted in the local paper in the past.   Not a huge accomplishment in a smaller town, but it still feels good to have your name in print.   At least they don't send out rejection slips!   Because of a series of moves, I am not even sure I have the papers they were published in anymore.  But I do have copies of each on my computer.    I have two others waiting to be written, but am finding it incredibly hard to put them down on paper, without being overly bitchy sounding.   I think in an effort to do this, and bring back my long gone Friday *Mini Rant* section, I will attempt this next Friday.   One is about walking in this town.   It is the hardest town I have ever lived in for walking around.  You have to constantly watch the driver, and dodge them, not the other way around.   The 2nd is about tipping and being a server in general.    It is a great job, but also incredibly hard.   To make it even more fun, in Wyoming-restaurants can and do still pay $2.25 an hour because we are making tips.   So getting say a dollar off coupon for Mc Donalds as a tip--is not going to make my day.   I had a table leave me the help wanted ads--with many jobs circled as my only tip one night.    Amusing now, but not at all that night.   Except maybe to my overly amused co-workers.  
    This is were I am also having a dilemma of sorts at my current job.   Things are going down hill very fast, and many nights are far from fun.   Even the new people sense it, and have been quitting about as fast as we can hire them.   BUT the tips have been amazing.   At least for me.   I have been told by the day crew, that I have knee pads sewn in my work pants.   To which I tell them about how you can buy pants with the knee pads already sewn in --in bulk at Costco!    Maybe it is just because I have been doing this for awhile and kinda/sorta know what I am doing?    Like I told some co-workers that tried to over load me with tables during the end or rodeo--"This isn't my first rodeo!"   Tried is the key word.   
      I have much cheaper rent right now, so think I will ride out the tourist season at this job, and than see were things take me.  
    So last night at work, I ended up with a table of three very attractive ladies.   It wasn't necessarily in my work section.    And after getting a very nice tip from that table, my boss mentioned that there might have been a note left on the table from the gals.    I went to check it out, and found a folded note with a huge heart on the front.   Inside it said  "for a good time call 911!"     Entertaining, but I already knew that!    Later it was learned that my manager wrote the note, not the purdy ladies.   Possible payback for him learning later why he shouldn't leave his car windows down.   I was randomly placing random food items on his car seat all through the night.   Luckily he learned this fact after I was already home.  
     One night a past manager got me even better.  He came back to the servers station, and told me that two young ladies had requested my section.   This had never happened before, so  I eagerly rushed out to the table.   The customers were ladies.   But haven't been young for awhile.   We will just say.  
    Everyone should wait tables for at least a year of there life.   If nothing else you will appreciate your service and your current job much more!  
    And now lets play----Were am I.   These are both out of Sheridan a lil bit.   And will both be featured in my travel/picture blogs very soon.

Next time you go to Wally World---take this  fun filled bingo card with you!  Bet you see it all.
  Read the whole thing.....

Onna my motto's!-------

If you haven't been outside this year, you might not have noticed this problem.   I think this sign is posted up in the mountains right now....

   And lastly a very effective speed limit sign!......

       **"Whether you think you can or think you can't--your probably right"**--Sewie Family Guy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exploring Sheridan--Beyond Main Street **Part Two**

             **"Life's a dance you learn as you go--sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow...."**

    Today we are going to talk about some of the must sees to the left of Main Street.   The public library is always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Or get out of the heat for awhile.  You can also snag some free coffee in the lobby or check out the art upstairs.  The artists and exhibits are changed a lot.  Just across the street from that is my favorite statue in town.   I have like a dozen pictures of it, and in the summer time water drips from the cowboys hat.  In the summer they have a farmers market of such in the commons area each week.  I say of such, because it is so small, but it is a small town.   The water fountains are also open for a quick cool off.  

     Just past the fountains is a small fenced in area full of smaller fountains and flowers.   Also housing this very old post office.  You can't see from the picture, but the roof is topped with high growing grass.

    Follow the bike trail by the YMCA and you are in Kendrick Park.   I spent many a long summer day running around the great playground.   It is also the only city park I have seen rule number three in!
    The now slowly flowing river is also a great place to cool off.   I saw now, because while some of the town was flooding, it was tearing through the park, and overly dangerous.  

   After a dip in the water, take in the ice cream stand.  They are open till nine in the summer and offer very reasonable prices.   Plus they offer some real food if you do not want ice cream.   Follow the playgrounds back over the bridge and take a left on the bike trails, and explore below the old Jr High.   Which has a great running track and hosts the Hershey Track meet every summer.   Look for the old grave stones in the weeds, behind these buildings. 

   From there you can go up the hill to Kendrick Mansion or drop back down and explore Main Street even more.

   Sadly Dans western wear is not on any of more tour lists anymore.   After 80 years the store closed recently.   Kendrick Park also has a nice swimming pool, if creek water is not your speed.   Just beyond the pool is the fenced in home of many huge buffalo and elk.  You can see baby bison if you visit early enough in the spring.

    At the top of the hill is the towns very nice fair grounds.   Something is going on there most weekends in the summer time.   Just past that is the hospital, something I would not mention but it houses a nice coffee shop inside!   And this town is short on good coffee shops.   Take a right out of the park and enjoy the country side, and see wildlife every were.   Out about eight miles, take a left on Beaver Creek Road.   It is a dirt road, but worth the drive if you have free time.  Especially after about 7 at night.   Deer can be seen every were.   And a large buffalo herd is also on the road.   This road will put you in Big Horn.   A town I spent a lot of time in, went to school in, and also just celebrated it's 130th year as a town.   My next exploring adventure takes us to the big city of Big Horn.   **Please note, if you take Beaver Creek--the farmers and residents are used to the road, and will blow past you!**  I had a great buddy or two that lived on the road, so spent a lot of my time out that way.   Than houses were a mile apart.   But now many million dollar houses can be spotted from the road side. 

     If you do not have a vehicle or driving in the middle of no were does not sound like your idea of fun.   You are in the wrong town for sure!    Just across from the park is the cemetery.   If you hit the hill below the cemetery you can wander the trails up into it.  

  If anyone knows what this part of the cemetery is all about---please let me know.   I have heard many stories about it growing up.   Enough strange stories, that this place is kind of spooky near dark time....
    The airport is also very small, but very busy.   It can be a great way to pass some time.   No matter how old you are it is fun to marvel and watch planes land and take off.   If you take the dirt road running along the far right of the airport, you soon spot old  747's and such.  In another cemetery of sorts.   I am not sure how the huge planes landed here, but it is a neat sight.   Leaving the airport and turning right, will once again land you in Big Horn eventually.   Any were you are in town  see how many painted horses you can spot.   

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Post #150-----Take Two!

 **"To forgive, forget, and move on is much harder than it seems.   But to kill them and get away with it, is even harder!"----Justin

  **"How does one trust anyone when the ONE they would do anything for uses, plays, and than sh*ts on them?"**

**"I really need a lot of booze tonight! But my liver can rejoice i have to get up at 6am. So I am going to refrain."**

**"It's amazing how everyone eventually mimics there folks. Be it good/bad or a morbid mixture of the two."**

            **"It's far better to chance a regret than to regret never taking a chance."**


 For anyone keeping track--this marks my 150th post on this sight since last December.   I have a handy counter on this page that tells me exactly how many blogs I have posted.  Although a lot of things have changed on the sight and in my life in the past few months.  I try to keep things updated, up-beat, and entertaining here.  And keep my sob story's out of here as much as possible.  Because everyone has problems and I hope to take peoples minds to a good place, not put them in a worse funk.   Plus I have noticed that when I do start to spill my guts out a little on this sight, as in real life, people make fun of it.   I realize there are only three choices on the bottom of each blog  funny interesting and something  but the most heartfelt entries of late, receive many checks on the funny column some how.   I personally feel that if nothing else my writing has become much stronger through the months with this simple exercise.   And hope to better that more each month. 
     Through all the things that have stayed the same in this blog.  A major twist in the origonal concept has slowly evolved.  Yes I am still me, crazy, random, hard to git along with.   Yes I still try and find a way to laugh about everything, and above all hope to share a ton of laughs with my readers and the people arond me daily.  And I still want to show you what I experience through great writing and pictures.  No matter were I may live at the time.   But in the beggining a huge part of this blog was year five of a single person becoming one with a family that was never his to claim.   And I had thought it would be about that a good deal also.  Now it has moved onto a newly single person trying to re-find themselevs.  Something I really do not wish to do, but need to do.   And hopefuly, as far as the movies and such show, the more I venture out, and re claim my life.  The more I will live, and share that through this blog.   I have never before this had a long term relationship, or really many good relationships.  So the road hurts, and is new to me.   But I hope you enjoy the journey just a little bit!    I also realize how calming writing stuff down is.   And this is why you get take two of this post.  
    In retrospect all I really lost was some cash.   But I am always broke, and wouldn't know what to do if I woke up rich or dead.  I had some great times in a town I loved, with low rent.   And if I would have stayed and lived the American dream and got married, I would have spent a ton more.   I lost trust in others.   But I really never had much to begin with.  Opening up to others means they can hurt you.  In that area I have taken a huge step backward.  But in time, when someone cute enough comes along, I am sure it can be found once again.  
    I was in a very bad spot --mind and thought wise yesterday.  And although very calming, my entry was well, beyond bitter.   Probably un fairly to anyone that might have been listed in it.   In this entry, I shortin it all down to this......
    I am sorry.
    You are right.
    The End.

  Now lets play---guess who the designate driver is......


  So a few posts back I talked about the clown across the street at another restaurant than were I work, Chuckles is his name, that just scares me a little.  And a completely fictional story *until proven guilty* about how he can only make balloon animals that look like a penis.   I told this story to a friend of mine last week--and he called me up last night--angry.   Apparently he was waiting in his doctors office for a regular check up, when the doctor had to take a phone call.   The doctor stayed in the room, but was occupied for quite awhile.   So my friend started skimming magazines.  The first one he picked up showed a bunch of kids at a carnival with balloons.   And all he could think about was the story about the morbid clown, who might put Steven Kings It clown to shame.   And he just started laughing.   The doctor didn't know what was going on, and when my friend tried to explain his laughter, he just sounded more and more strange.   Probably insuring that all kid pictures would be covered next time he came to visit this doctor.  
     Just another example of how I seem to cause problems, even without being in the same state or region.  

    Even what should be the simplest tasks, turn into mini dramas for me lately.   I have past written about two attempts at just getting my morning coffee that went bad.   Two nights ago I got a ride home from work, with my boss, after bribing her with birthday cake.   When we got to my house, I could not get out of the car.   Something that should be a very easy task.   The very next night I did not have to work.  But was craving grease from McDonald's.   I was told if I meet a co worker at work about the time they got off, I could get a ride to gain some juicy grease!   After getting to his car, it would not start.   He called his sister in to pick us up, and I still got my food and a ride back home.   When in front of my house, the door on my side had no handle.   Rather than roll down the window to pull the handle from the outside, I slide to the other side of the car, and than could not get out of that door either.   Trapped again!    What is going on.  

    Tomorrow blog---more exploring Sheridan!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exploring Sheridan--Beyond Main Street--**Part One**

    A few blogs ago we talked about Main Street and most of the joys that can be found in a few short blocks.   From the beautiful court house heading out of town down Main, it is well worth it to drive through the construction to visit Powder River Pizza.   Great atmosphere with some great pizza.   The workers greatly support the Wyoming Pokes---so wearing team hats, could easily get you mistaken as a worker.  

    At the moment the end of Main Street is here.   Just this side of the construction is the larges bank I have ever seen!   Were the Hardees used to be, way back in the day.   Right past these signs the river slowly runs under the road.   And you can just see the OK Correl one of the towns many drive through liquor stores.   I love the fact that you can't drink and drive, but can buy booze without getting out of your car!    You can also just see the sky bridge across Main.  Offering some wonderful views any time of day.   Watch "rush hour" or the teens cruising Main.   Following out puts you by the nice KOA, and soon takes you out of town to Dayton, Billings,  and beyond. 

    Today we are going to talk about some great sights to the right of Main Street.   None very far away, but worth the journey.   Of course the movie house is a block of Main.   And a great place to hide out in the dark and air conditioning.  

Very near that is the old city hall building.   And some more great sculptures to view.  
Journey past this building another block and than take a left. 

    This old motel was a favorite of Buffalo Bills.   Take a tour or have dinner.   Maybe grab a drink  at the full bar.     Across the street is the old train depot.   Now another great bar, nicely named Rails.  

    Just to the left of the depot is this great train engine.    And across the street from that is another train depot of Sheridan's past.  

That just happens to be for sale.
I always thought it would make a great bar for competition to the one across the street.

Just down the tracks are some great old rail road cars and a caboose or two.   Which are also great
fun to explore inside.   I always thought an old caboose would make an awesome office for me. 

    Back track just a little bit to 5th Street and head out of town.   You will soon see a great museum on the left.   Filled with Sheridan's rich history. 

Just up the road is the game and fish building.   A great stop when you have some time to kill.   Especially if you do not know the local area or animals well.

And the visitors center.   If you visit there about time for sunset, you get a great show.   Does anyone re-call when this place had a huge wading pool?  That was so great growing up!

Sheridan Wyo Rodeo--Don't Yha Know!?

A week long celebration that brings the town together, and at least this year, set the tourist
season in full motion.   This year marked the 180th year!   And it was great as always. 
Startin' off with the boot kick off!

The town comes alive with visitors and former residents.   And all of the cowboys come out of the hills.   Real or "cow-pokers"

Above is an example of a cow -poker.   They only dust off there cowboy wear during events like the rodeo.   And can usually be spotted by brand new clothes, that appear like they have never been worn for a reason.   Most commonly they move here from far away places like California, buy 6,000 acres of land, some cattle, and are soon driving around there new ranch in a Cadillac car.   Outfit is complete with some stylin' pink cowboy boots.   They also look a lot like Boss Hoss from the Dukes of Hazard.

Friday morning brings the pancake breakfast for the masses that wish to get up that early.   Than the fun run.   And than the bed races.   Were local companies race beds with wheels and steering wheels down Main Street --for great prizes.   I think this years prize was a new bed...... No! they got good prizes!
And than the streets are lined up and down for the huge parade!

Band around above!  

Possibly the best way to drive thru the Taco Bell
Drive through on bean day?
This years parade had very few gaps, and was very enjoyable.  Right after the street washers hit the streets, gather for an official Indian Pow Wow.    Or try to grab a beer at any of the packed bars.

The weekend of course is not about booze at all! 

All weekend long the carnival goes till midnight.    This years carnival was very disappointing to me.   Maybe because I have been in much bigger cities for the last twelve years or so.   Or maybe it was because of the big storms, causing spectators to "swim" through the fairgrounds the first night.   And than making huge ruts in the ground from the next night on. And when I tried to go into the exhibits hall --to see some exhibits, I was greeted by a security guard, saying it was closed for a private party.  I did enjoy a few great corn dogs though!   Carnivals have the best corn dogs, although I never wish to know what they put in one.   And this one offered some of the biggest ones I have ever seen.   They were a foot long and were on the wooden sticks for bbq shish co bobs.   Possialby putting shame to the Subway foot long commercials, that are some how much more entertaining, if you turn the volume down.   I have been told that all the local  stray dogs go missing when the carnival is in town though---hopefully this warning did not come to late for your favorite pet.
    I took in some great rodeo action.   And was surprised how nice the arena is in this small town.   My only thoughts come to the poor sponsor on his horse, that dropped his sponsors flag during the announcements, and than could only watch while the other riders tromped over his downed flag, and than ride on, carrying nothing.   I am sure he held the flag much tighter on the next night. 

    As the night grows darker, the street dances get fuller.   This year the weekend saw a full moon, so the crazies were out in full force.  Although not much was in the following weeks police reports.   I ended up working late Friday night.   But had a chance to enjoy the carnival again and go to the street dance till late in the night.   On that night the party goes on till 6 in the morning!    Main Street was soon packed.   And I re-learned how entertaining watching butt darts is, especially the more you drink.   *If you don't know, your not from Wyoming!   And I was very glad I did not have to return to work until last Sunday night.