Saturday, July 9, 2011

Warning? or I Have to Much Free Time?

                      **"‎Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don' miss you."**

                                         **"Ready for the rodeo-Don't you know!?"**

    The big rodeo is coming  up here.   It is THE entertainment for this town each year.   And a great time in many aspects.   I believe I will be working during most of the best parts.   But still should be able to have some great times.  

   So in my continual attempt to confuse everyone from the post man, to myself, today was once again moving day for me.   I do not feel I will stay put long again this time.  But hope that things are much better, and cheaper for me while I am here.     So far so good!   Although I was more than a little put out when all of my belongings were piled by the door, and it was such a small pile.   I have stuff in a lot of locations, but most of my stuff is defiantly not here.  Although it allows for quick moves, it is a little disheartening to be almost 33 years old, and be able to move your possessions in about ten minutes.   Even if you move really s-l-o-w-l-y!  I typed it like that, for those of you that read slowly also.   I have to keep reminding myself that it is all just stuff.   All replaceable and non as important as my memories while collecting all that stuff.   Except for maybe my trunk of collectibles through the years, including my stuffed bear, named Bear.   * My mind wasn't always as active as now!   This also reminds me of high school days.   Not the stuffed bear, but repeatably typing the word "stuff"   My science teacher loved that word.   Everything had stuff in it or was made out of stuff.   Our English teacher, hated the word.  Along with just about everything else.    It was often hard to recall which teacher you were talking too. 
    So in the last few days, the founder of Facebook announced that the sight was going to make a lot of changes in the next few weeks.   He did not announce what any of them would be though.  It does seem that whenever changes occur, most of the sight does not work right.   I really noticed this when the Social Network movie first came out also.  But I am sure that was just a strange coincidence.  Anyways, a friend and I, one that also has to much free time.  Decided while chatting last night, that the ultimate change to the sight will some day lead to.....   All the millions of Facebook users waking up to find there bank accounts empty of all cash.   The web sight will be useless, just housing a continually hoovering figure of the founders head floating in cyberspace with a blue screen behind it.   Laughing.    And the actual founder will be no were to be found ever again.   Now you might be like myself, and only have .17 cents in your bank account.   So, although you can't save a little more and buy that red gumball you always wanted, it's also not a huge loss.   But think if every Facebook user only had a few cents in there accounts.   It still adds up to a huge amount of stolen money!
    Have you ever wandered if you were destined to go through life completely single?   If you are me, you do not need to wander, because it is going to happen.  I will be a full fledged hermit, by about the age of 44.  I thought for a brief amount of time, I had the whole family thing worked out for me.  I kind of worked my way into a family.   And much more quickly, worked my way back out of the family.   Way out, in fact.   I find I do very well with females, until I decide to speak.   And often joke that I practice safe sex, by leaving the lights on!   Today was another proof of the above statement.   Without going into much detail---please don't take notes!   I said completely the wrong things to not one, but two females today.   With one, it could be the last time I see them in quite awhile, like possibly forever.   Lucky as in all other aspects in life, I learn from my mistakes--and rarely do the same mistakes twice.   Unfortunately there are a ton of mistakes to try still.

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