Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Git What You Git and You Don't Throw A Fit!

                                   **"Awesomely needed rodeo weeksend!**"------
   Much more to come on that ---- I have just been slacking.   It was much needed in both relaxation and bigger tips lately.    Sheridan really knows how to put on a street party.  Which isn't just the nice way to say that we know how to drink here!   I think the only better shin-dig I have seen in all of my travels was in Miles City, MT.  During the wild horse sale.   Although I was reminded that I am in boringsville as I watched nine cops surround a drunkin person Saturday night or early Sunday morning. 

   I had wished for better pictures,  but was across the street, not sure if you are supposed to film cops in action and ready to run myself.  Its' not like they didn't have more than enough officers around for back up.   Plus there is a small chance some of the local officers, saw my past post that wasn't to charming for the local force.   The above pictures only shows to of the cops as they were about to put them in the car.   The rectangular blob is the car.  

                             **"You git what you git and you don't throw a fit!"**-------
    Something some smart kids I know --knew enough to say at dinner time.   What I need to apply to my daily life more often.  

 **"If you are so bored at work--that I'm your #1 priority--you need to step back and look at were your at in life. I know I did after yesterday! **Flashbacks to my daze of working at Wally World--big time!"**

    Another reason rodeo week was so calming.    Without getting into things to much---other people at work started crap---and I finished it.   Now I am still suffering the consequences it seems.   Managers actions may or may not have been very similar to the lazy and un-professional levels I was used to at Wally World.   But the street dance and it's cheap beverages fixed my attitude right up!

**"Some people call it stalking, I call it love!" I really do wish I had a stalker. I would stalk my stalker...."**

     So many gals I have known have talked about stalkers they have had.   And I am sure it is very scary --for them.  But I think having a stalker would be great fun.  Although I hate to say my life is so boring, I might actually feel sorry for my stalker.   I had one of sorts online for awhile.   And it was actually kind of alarming how much someone states away from were I lived could find out about me so quickly.   I enjoy having my daily adventurous and stuff out in the open, but could see how many people would not. 

   **"I thought I was having hot flashes!"**-----Me   after the A/C went out at work during rodeo weekend, and the hot week. 

Our float was Just Better!  What JB actually stands for
   I think the dreams of fixing the air properly in the restaurant are never going to surface.   Luckily I have better dreams than that.   But management brought in floor fans so that we could work in a much kooler environment.   Bringing the level inside to a lower temperature than that outside!   After explaining all of this to a great friend, he said it really sounded like a five star restaurant.   I said, yes---if it is out of 100 stars that ones ranking it!

I will have some posts very soon about all the great fun that is Sheridan Rodeo.   Tonight I post some random thoughts and pictures.  

Ask a stupid question....

 Rodeo is not about booze at all.....

Check out the sign behind these purdy ladies!

Everyone should have a "cox fence"

I understand safety for the kids.  But adults wearin helmets in Wyoming?   Really??

It's 5 o clock somewere
This was at 11:30 after the parade

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