Monday, July 25, 2011

Sheridan Wyo Rodeo--Don't Yha Know!?

A week long celebration that brings the town together, and at least this year, set the tourist
season in full motion.   This year marked the 180th year!   And it was great as always. 
Startin' off with the boot kick off!

The town comes alive with visitors and former residents.   And all of the cowboys come out of the hills.   Real or "cow-pokers"

Above is an example of a cow -poker.   They only dust off there cowboy wear during events like the rodeo.   And can usually be spotted by brand new clothes, that appear like they have never been worn for a reason.   Most commonly they move here from far away places like California, buy 6,000 acres of land, some cattle, and are soon driving around there new ranch in a Cadillac car.   Outfit is complete with some stylin' pink cowboy boots.   They also look a lot like Boss Hoss from the Dukes of Hazard.

Friday morning brings the pancake breakfast for the masses that wish to get up that early.   Than the fun run.   And than the bed races.   Were local companies race beds with wheels and steering wheels down Main Street --for great prizes.   I think this years prize was a new bed...... No! they got good prizes!
And than the streets are lined up and down for the huge parade!

Band around above!  

Possibly the best way to drive thru the Taco Bell
Drive through on bean day?
This years parade had very few gaps, and was very enjoyable.  Right after the street washers hit the streets, gather for an official Indian Pow Wow.    Or try to grab a beer at any of the packed bars.

The weekend of course is not about booze at all! 

All weekend long the carnival goes till midnight.    This years carnival was very disappointing to me.   Maybe because I have been in much bigger cities for the last twelve years or so.   Or maybe it was because of the big storms, causing spectators to "swim" through the fairgrounds the first night.   And than making huge ruts in the ground from the next night on. And when I tried to go into the exhibits hall --to see some exhibits, I was greeted by a security guard, saying it was closed for a private party.  I did enjoy a few great corn dogs though!   Carnivals have the best corn dogs, although I never wish to know what they put in one.   And this one offered some of the biggest ones I have ever seen.   They were a foot long and were on the wooden sticks for bbq shish co bobs.   Possialby putting shame to the Subway foot long commercials, that are some how much more entertaining, if you turn the volume down.   I have been told that all the local  stray dogs go missing when the carnival is in town though---hopefully this warning did not come to late for your favorite pet.
    I took in some great rodeo action.   And was surprised how nice the arena is in this small town.   My only thoughts come to the poor sponsor on his horse, that dropped his sponsors flag during the announcements, and than could only watch while the other riders tromped over his downed flag, and than ride on, carrying nothing.   I am sure he held the flag much tighter on the next night. 

    As the night grows darker, the street dances get fuller.   This year the weekend saw a full moon, so the crazies were out in full force.  Although not much was in the following weeks police reports.   I ended up working late Friday night.   But had a chance to enjoy the carnival again and go to the street dance till late in the night.   On that night the party goes on till 6 in the morning!    Main Street was soon packed.   And I re-learned how entertaining watching butt darts is, especially the more you drink.   *If you don't know, your not from Wyoming!   And I was very glad I did not have to return to work until last Sunday night.    

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