Thursday, July 28, 2011

Exploring Sheridan--Beyond Main Street **Part Two**

             **"Life's a dance you learn as you go--sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow...."**

    Today we are going to talk about some of the must sees to the left of Main Street.   The public library is always a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Or get out of the heat for awhile.  You can also snag some free coffee in the lobby or check out the art upstairs.  The artists and exhibits are changed a lot.  Just across the street from that is my favorite statue in town.   I have like a dozen pictures of it, and in the summer time water drips from the cowboys hat.  In the summer they have a farmers market of such in the commons area each week.  I say of such, because it is so small, but it is a small town.   The water fountains are also open for a quick cool off.  

     Just past the fountains is a small fenced in area full of smaller fountains and flowers.   Also housing this very old post office.  You can't see from the picture, but the roof is topped with high growing grass.

    Follow the bike trail by the YMCA and you are in Kendrick Park.   I spent many a long summer day running around the great playground.   It is also the only city park I have seen rule number three in!
    The now slowly flowing river is also a great place to cool off.   I saw now, because while some of the town was flooding, it was tearing through the park, and overly dangerous.  

   After a dip in the water, take in the ice cream stand.  They are open till nine in the summer and offer very reasonable prices.   Plus they offer some real food if you do not want ice cream.   Follow the playgrounds back over the bridge and take a left on the bike trails, and explore below the old Jr High.   Which has a great running track and hosts the Hershey Track meet every summer.   Look for the old grave stones in the weeds, behind these buildings. 

   From there you can go up the hill to Kendrick Mansion or drop back down and explore Main Street even more.

   Sadly Dans western wear is not on any of more tour lists anymore.   After 80 years the store closed recently.   Kendrick Park also has a nice swimming pool, if creek water is not your speed.   Just beyond the pool is the fenced in home of many huge buffalo and elk.  You can see baby bison if you visit early enough in the spring.

    At the top of the hill is the towns very nice fair grounds.   Something is going on there most weekends in the summer time.   Just past that is the hospital, something I would not mention but it houses a nice coffee shop inside!   And this town is short on good coffee shops.   Take a right out of the park and enjoy the country side, and see wildlife every were.   Out about eight miles, take a left on Beaver Creek Road.   It is a dirt road, but worth the drive if you have free time.  Especially after about 7 at night.   Deer can be seen every were.   And a large buffalo herd is also on the road.   This road will put you in Big Horn.   A town I spent a lot of time in, went to school in, and also just celebrated it's 130th year as a town.   My next exploring adventure takes us to the big city of Big Horn.   **Please note, if you take Beaver Creek--the farmers and residents are used to the road, and will blow past you!**  I had a great buddy or two that lived on the road, so spent a lot of my time out that way.   Than houses were a mile apart.   But now many million dollar houses can be spotted from the road side. 

     If you do not have a vehicle or driving in the middle of no were does not sound like your idea of fun.   You are in the wrong town for sure!    Just across from the park is the cemetery.   If you hit the hill below the cemetery you can wander the trails up into it.  

  If anyone knows what this part of the cemetery is all about---please let me know.   I have heard many stories about it growing up.   Enough strange stories, that this place is kind of spooky near dark time....
    The airport is also very small, but very busy.   It can be a great way to pass some time.   No matter how old you are it is fun to marvel and watch planes land and take off.   If you take the dirt road running along the far right of the airport, you soon spot old  747's and such.  In another cemetery of sorts.   I am not sure how the huge planes landed here, but it is a neat sight.   Leaving the airport and turning right, will once again land you in Big Horn eventually.   Any were you are in town  see how many painted horses you can spot.   

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