Monday, July 4, 2011

                 **"I'd like to thank whomever spliced into my FB account last night!"**

    Theres a real mystery, annoy the one person that knows your passwords, and get your accounts hacked into.   Luckily nothing was really messed with.   And the main annoyance was changing my passwords.  And trying to recall to type in the new password.   I say luckily, because Facebook is the main way I talk to my "friends".   And long ago my Yahoo account got broken into.   I send Viagra ads and such to my parents and others almost every day.   I really enjoy, that somehow from my Yahoo account, I also send myself these ads!   Maybe someday I will succeed to convince myself that I need the pill?   Not at this rate.   I do fine with females, until I start talking!

**"Cleaning out friends on Facebook soon. 95% don't have time for anything, unless they need something!"**

    I m sure the above percent is not real accurate--but it sure feels very close at this point in time.   I slowly see my life falling apart in every aspect, and no one has time to do much.   I partly blame this on society in general, so many bad things are happening to so many people, that unless it really involves them, they really can't help much and stay above water, themselves.   But for the most part I see it as --it doesn't involve them, and they do not need anything at the moment, so ---"faaa on you!"   The you being me, at the moment. 
                                                  Just had a bbq with the folks. Bout time to watch some things blow up!
Got to last night, on the phone. Some day maybe Ill learn when to shut up? "**

    I finely stopped biting my tongue with someone close to me, and attempted to argue my case last night.   My problem is, I wait so long into being angered, that I just snap, instead of being level headed.   So I sound more crazy than normal, and can easily be called the wrong and or un-mature one.   Even if I may or may be completely in the right.  
     This particular conversation had to do with borrowed money.   I learned the hard way recently, about loaning cash.  And have come to terms with it being a gift not a loan.   But, as in any case--be direct to me.   If things come up --which they will, let me know whats going on.   Were and why the cash is needed.   Don't promise everything paid back, by say tax time, and than months later ---shrug your shoulders, and say the cash just isn't there, it's a mystery.    Work with me and be honest, and I will work with you for as long as it takes.  
    I feel the same at work, and job interviews.   I would so much rather have a co-worker come up to me and say--this is what you suck at and why, than slowly report a list of things to your boss.   Who really has no idea what was going on that given day, but has to talk to you, because someone complained.   Same with job interviews.   I would love, if they called the next day, just to tell me what I did wrong in the interview!
       This conversation might or might not have ended well.   I say this because the jury is still out.   I did not get a chance to calmly explain my view points, but did end in the other person deleting there FB account.   Usually when I am really in the dog house, I get deleted from others accounts.   Wich I guess is the ultimate sociel network slap in the face.   Except maybe if somehow they could delete my account.   What would I do with all that free time!   I am slowly trying to ween myself off of the internet.   But am having a very bad time with this.   Ultimalty I would still be online a lot, but using it for better purposes.   Like expanding this blog and such.   

                                            **"Surrounded by people but so alone."**
    I possibly for the first time, feel this way completely right now.   Everything is falling apart at the same time.   Hopefully blowing up a few things tonight, will calm me down a lot!
     Possiably blowing a few things up tonight --will prove a great cure all!     Hope everyone in reader-ville has a great 4th!!!!!    

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  1. I had a fun sunrise shoot to start my day, and have been vegging since, finishing up a wedding, a personal shoot, and a paid child shoot. Almost caught up!!!

    Hope you have fun blowing things up. Sometimes I think it would simplify life if I could make my house disappear and start from scratch. :-)