Sunday, July 3, 2011

   I am soon learning that beyond not working this 4th of July, I will probably not really be doing anything exciting at all.   That's fine  people from Wyoming are amazingly easily entertained.   And if the heat keeps up, just "falling" in the local river will be a great thrill!  It's like a water park in my back yard!  I find myself more annoyed with the fact that sights like Facebook --know my birthday is coming up.   Or is it?   Maybe I put a different date of birth on every social network I joined.   My inboard calender is not good at all, so Facebook has saved me many a time on important birthdays, actually.   I have maybe five birthdays memorized, and this includes my own!   Three of these, are youngsters not old enough to have accounts online, to remind me.   And I recall my great mothers birthday, because hers is the day after mine!   I owe her a lot, I mean what could be more interesting than having a child, and than spending your own birthday in the hospital.   Because I might or might not be turning 33 within 11 months of today's date, I am attempting to skip my birthday this year.  
    Knowing about birthdays was way more fun when I worked at Wally World.  Because you could add about 80 years to the persons age, and than announce it on the PA system through the entire store.   Unless the birthday person was overly cute.   Than of course she was just wished a very happy birthday.   Or you subtracted years from her real age in the page.   
    A friend of mine used to get overly annoyed when we did make it to the bars in Washington.   Because at that point, even in my 30's it was about 50/50 if bartenders asked for my ID.   That said, she was four years younger than me, and they never asked for her ID>    I did not usually help matters, when I proclaimed, it's fine, you look plenty old enough, mam!
    I have recently been carded for a lot of things though.   I have heard it's great to have a young face.   But fear all the white hair on my head, ruins this.   I have said, that since I moved back to Wyoming, my hair is slowly going back to brown though!   Wally World is bad for carding people for a lot of the things they sell.   Anything you can sniff or get high on, now you have to be 18 to buy.   They also have seen so many issues with selling tobacco and booze, that they took all the guess work out of it, and now card everyone.  In fact they do the opposite, and send in 70 year olds to buy beer, and if you do not card them, you end up in the managers office, begging for your job.  Anyways, about five years ago, they carded me when buying a rated R movie.   Of course I did not have my ID with me.   It was Wally World, so it wasn't like a huge porn movie or something.   Luckily I knew several of the managers, and after a brief scene, I went home with the movie.
   So, to make sure this post has something to do with the 4th, I hope everyone reading this, has a great day.   I also hope that I have no reason to call them Stubby, after tomorrow! 


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