Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exploring Wonderful Sheridan, Wyoming ---Downtown

        **"When someone is truly great it inspires others to be great."**---Fortune cookie

    I have posted the following before.  In fact it made it in The Sheridan Press about a year ago.  
But I feel it fits this blog very well.   I can not find the published version--so please excuse the errors.

    I moved back to Sheridan recently not exactly out of want, but needed to come home and re-group and re-start my life in general. I am a Wyoming native, but have to admit, I returned with a negative attitude and a large chip on my shoulder, that is smaller but still present. On my days off work I explored the surrounding area. And than one day, Sheridan’s great down town district.
I am overly impressed with all the improvements and how awesome Main Street and beyond looks! All of the sculptures are great. And it has been a long time since I have seen such a thriving downtown. Every town I have lived in the last thirteen years, and their have been upwards to sixty, had a very depressing shopping district. Most business were closed or on the way out of business. Store fronts had not been painted in years. Signs were falling down. Sidewalks in huge need of repair.

Guess what they sell?

   As far as I could see, every shop on Main Street was up and running. And I stopped at some great coffee joints along my stroll. I also noticed how friendly all the shop keepers were. They were more than fine with me just browsing. And not one shop owner followed me around the store, to make sure I was not a shoplifter. Something I can not even say in most major retail stores.
The sidewalks all looked great, and 90% of the store fronts looked perfect. Sheridan residents, do not lose this gem of a downtown. Tourists to the area, can only support things so much. Support all your down town business as much as you can. I know things are tight, and big box stores have everything cheaper, always but buy locally whenever you have the means. That is what big retail thrives on. And in every town of my past that had tumbleweed floating around, a huge Mart store was in the town. With no other competition, they had amazingly high prices, always!
So, visit that locally owned coffee shop. S bucks will still be around. If nothing else, go into a few shops or window shop. Show some support.

  Many of the great statues along the route and just off of Main are amazing.  And all are for sale.  Above is one of my favorites.   I have taught him to sit!  The old lady statue in a yellow dress in front of the drug store, always used to cause me to do a double take.   I often thought it was a lady ready to cross the street.  And often wander how many drivers paused, thinkin the same. 

Was another statue before

Down about the
middle of Main Street.  In front of Big Horn screen printing. 

Ready for rodeo week!

Sheep are safe!

 I do not like many of the new statues as much this summer.  But they were not my pick, and they still look good.   Above is one of the few new statues I really enjoy.   This is right were you turn off Coffeen

Before the bear is Sam's honor.  I believe I was out of Sheridan when he became
SO popular.   The Ritz was a really great place to visit and hang out.  He is now
honored around town. 

  Check out the Mint Bar for a blast from the past.   Main Street also offers many other bars to keep you from getting parched through your walk.   Check out P.O. Flagstaff Cafe for some great coffee and atmospehere.  They also have free wi-fi and some awesome cigars to choose from.  An equally good choice -just down and across the street is Java Moon.   They drip your coffee to order.  And have a great jazz night every Monday.   After you check out the old WYO theater---take the time to visit King Ropes!   The museum and work shop is well worth a visit.   Were you will see everything from a two headed calf to a full sized stuffed giraffe.   While at the Wyo theater  check out the schedule for the trolley.   In case you do not feel like walking back home.   Even if you temporary home is a motel, chances are good the trolley stops close by.   And it is a fun ride. 

                             Sanfords always offers a good meal or some brew to restore your energy. 
Just down from the restaurant is the local movie house.   And of course you are greeted by some great shopping on both sides of the street.   A few blocks past here--you run into the middle of the endless construction.
                    As you stroll   count how many fallout shelter signs you spot.  
Sheridan was defiantly prepared at one point in time.   Of course great sights can be found on both sides of Main Street.  Not involving much walking.   So---*to be continued!*

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