Sunday, July 10, 2011

                                          **"Start living or start dying!"**
                                   **"Your sweater looks like yarn vomit!"**

               **"Don't get smart with me mister!"      "How would you be able to tell?"**

    I learned long ago, at Wally World--to never ask about things.  Especially if you wanted to do them, your way.   Which in many cases was the best way, just not necessarily the company way.  So, if I decided that my department had to many stuffed squerll lamps/hat racks I would reduce the prices and put them all on an end cap.   Almost anything on an end cap would sell-and fast.  Especially if the junk was at a reduced price.   One of two things would happen.   Well three.   The managers would be happy you sold a ton of the item and than become angered that the end caps were now empty.  Or they would just be mad.  There might not be a clear reason that they were mad, maybe they wanted the stuffed critters for there own houses, or they were just angered that you didn't ask them before lowering prices.   The main moral of all of this, is that if you ask, they have a chance to say no.  Although it usually looks or sounds more like "HELL NO!" They can be anyone from managers to parents.  Girlfriends to pastors.  In one store, I had more computer options than my department manager.  We were the only two people in the furniture area, and I would randomly do just whats described above.   Take a ton of some crummy item, mark it way down in price, and make them fly out the door.    My department manager usually ended up taking the credit.  Because as she told me almost every day, I did not have those options.   I usually stuck around long enough to argue with her.   Reminding her that she did not lower the prices, and we were the only two people that every worked the department.   This was repetitive, but I did get paid by the hour. 
    The only reason I mention this, is I had a similar run in tonight at work.  No, I could not lower the pie food prices, and put them all up on an end cap.  Mmmmmm pie!   But I had a great idea, and did not need to mention it to management.   But when the idea was mentioned, one worker instantly wanted to ask management.   So that they did not get in trouble.   This mostly meant, they wanted to butt kiss and get me in trouble.   In an environment were even the managers are looking for new jobs, in case we close our doors soon, butt kissing really seems like a waste of time.  But maybe that is just me.   In any case, I will go on thinking about pie!

    I just learned that July 12th is the National day of randomness!   And that statement is fact.  Not just me being randomly random again.  See you learn something everyday!   I would have figured the day would be marked on all our calenders as the 24th---simply because that is the day I was born!
    I have really grown to hate my daze off work lately.   I say this after just finishing my "Friday" at work.  Doing nothing on my time off was fun, now maybe just the F-U!  I also would not know what to do with a "normal" work week.   Because it has been a long time.  Although I really do not like weekends off.   Everyone else is off, and they pack to the fun spots.   Anyways, stop thinking about pie, and get back to the topic.   I would like to blame a lot of the boredness on were I live at the  moment and having no vehicle.   But a lot of it is the many friends I have dropped through the years.   Many were by my choice.   They just showed up when they needed from me, and I did not need that.   So that now, the friends that others can actually see, are few.   To many friendships were ruined by whom I chose to hang out with.   Luckily at least one true friend and I patched things up and are once again great friends!   Through these extra hard, and lonely times for myself,  I am extra glad that we talk all the time.  
      So, today I went to church for the first time in a long time.   I have strayed from doing this for way to long.   Work and life in general to easily gets in the way, it seems.   I was very surprised to witness how similar the church that my parents took me to was to the last church my x and I used to visit in Washington state.   Very very similar.   I guess I do think a little bit like my parents -for some reason.   Although I highly doubt they are obsessed with pie, at this moment.   In fact they are probably sleeping.   I will say I actually enjoyed the entire experience today.   And was extra happy to witness no holy water bursting into flames or anything when I entered the building.  
    It was actually really nice to be surrounded by actual good people.   Wyoming has a ton of good hearted souls actually.   I have meet people here in the last few months that are better friends to me than most of the people I have known forever.  And I do believe that the people that have ripped me off since returning home, were not born and raised in this state.   Maybe they just needed money for pie?  
     I say the above as I picture a few incredibly not nice customers.   Two work at Wally World.   And they are always upset, about everything.   One has made a point to complain many times about most of her servers.   The other always "forgets" to tip--always.   I also know that the first is one of the slowest cashiers at the retail store.   Being this disgruntled and angry to others, is very dumb in a small town like this.   They might look up from there cash register and see me trying to purchase a new TV set.   Holding a large jar of pennies.   Somewhere around 90,000 pennies --maybe.   Just ready to dump out on the conveyor belt.   The only thing more entertaining a server can do, is to hand a cashier a huge amount of tip dollar bills.  And than as they are about halfway through counting the money, mention they are all straight out of your work G -string!   "I would clean them before buying things, but fear that's money laundering...."   Of course my day back in church, reminded me to just smile and make the cashier wander what I am up to instead.  

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