Friday, July 1, 2011

7/1/11 No Matter What Facebook says, My Birthday is Not Coming up....

    Since all one has to do to watch or hear about people blowing parts of themselves off --this time of year, is turn on your local news.  Or walk outside.   Here is a different video for your enjoyment?


  Admit it  you just played that over and over again.   I love in towns like this --were you can go right off the city limits, and buy fireworks, but you can't legally use them any were in the area.   Especially with how warm it has been around here lately.   The only thing that will save whatever object your bottle rockets start on fire this year, is the nightly heavy rainfall!  
     The 4th is very near---yes once again that new calender is paying off for me!   And some how I have the day off work, and hope to find myself in Billings.   Beyond a much needed trip out of town, they put on a good light show, and reservations always seem to offer the better fireworks.   Even if they are not all on display when you first walk up to the stand.   Last night offered a very nice light show of a different kind.   When the heavy rain storm went through the area.   I was always surprised and a little disappointed that with allllll the rain one sees in Washington/Oregon, you almost never see lightning or hear thunder.   The sky just darkens a little more, and rain dumps out.   Till summer time kicks in.   
                              And now a quick run down of some July 4ths past!

  Last year I was in Sheridan, WY   Stuck at work.   With practically no customers.  Because everyone was off blowing things up and or having a bbq.
       When I first moved to AZ, I had an awesome little 4 X4 pickup.   I had just moved down from Washington state.   The trip was far from fun.   And a lot of it was spent in traffic grid lock or lost.   Both always in the desert.   I did not have air conditioning.  And we spent many hrs betting on whos ice would melt faster in our travel cups.    Soon after the 4th   My X and I found ourselves traveling to Vegas.   In those days, the new 9-11 approved bridge was not up, and you still went over the Hoover Dam.   With the construction, that lasted about 20 years *No joke, sometimes it took six fun filled hours to make this drive.   And the main fun was crossing the dam, and watching your cell phone change time with the time change!   That and seeing  how many times you could say dam.    Anyways, right before we got to the dam, I recalled that I had a backseat full of fireworks from the reservations of WA.   In Arizona all fireworks are highly illegal, especially the good stuff.   And somehow I feared landing in a jail some were, with charges of trying to blow the dam up with sparklers or something.    Plus they did a random check of vehicles right before you crossed the dam.   So, we suddenly took a pit stop in the middle of the desert.   Were a good deal of fireworks, might still be able to be found, behind a cactus or too.   Unless the heat, just made them blow up!  
    A few years back--found my x and I getting out of AZ as quickly as possible.   We had been staying in her moms travel trailer, and she surprised us and suddenly came off the  road.  As it was getting dark, I had so many things going through my head, that I forgot what day of the year it was.   While we were in the hills, near Area 51, I kept seeing random great flashes of light.   To random and bright to be fireworks.   My traveling partner did not see any of these for miles and miles.   Causing me to be very sure I was finally losing it.   No matter what your interpretation of IT is.   Eventually she to was seeing the random flashes of light.   And the longer we drove and talked, we were sure that we were heading into an anal probe from angry aliens!   As we topped a hill, we were in the middle of an extremely small town.   Who was throwing the best fireworks show I have ever seen.   I have no idea to this day, what the name of the town was, or how they raised the money for such a great show.    Selling alien blood, and souvenirs, perhaps?
    The year before that found me in Laughlin, AZ.   After a full day of trying to beat the heat in the river, the casino's put on an awesome fireworks show over the river.   One or all of us needed to use the restroom, and we "crashed" a wedding reception of many very happy Mexicans.   I think we all had shorts and flip flops on, still soaking wet, so we blended in very well!   I recall jumping into as many random pictures as I could, for some reason. 
    Bellingham, WA puts on a wonderful show.  Were they shoot the fireworks out over the bay.  I recall an amazingly dry day.   Complete with a great bbq down by the bay and much beverages.   I was also very excited after returning to my bbq'er hrs later, that no one in the filled park, decided to steal it!   I also recall getting a lecture about throwing fireworks near people holding babies.   Although this time, I was not the culprit.  
     Way back when ---we used to shoot random fireworks at each other.   Bottle rockets are usually the best.   But in most states now, everything remotely kool, is outlawed.  
    When I was about ten years old, we went to a fireworks show on a military base back east.   PA or Maryland I believe.   Anyways, a spark got into the pile of fireworks.   It was a very spectacular show, but happened in about ten minutes tops.   While all of the stockpile exploded at once.  And the workers scrambled for safety.   Hoping to not be called "Stubby" the next day at their full time jobs.  

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