Friday, July 29, 2011

    **There should be a relationship status--on Facebook--- for "I don't even know whats going on"**

                          **"Suckin at something is the first step to being sort of good at it."**

                                    **"A pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart!!!"**

    I have had a few editorials posted in the local paper in the past.   Not a huge accomplishment in a smaller town, but it still feels good to have your name in print.   At least they don't send out rejection slips!   Because of a series of moves, I am not even sure I have the papers they were published in anymore.  But I do have copies of each on my computer.    I have two others waiting to be written, but am finding it incredibly hard to put them down on paper, without being overly bitchy sounding.   I think in an effort to do this, and bring back my long gone Friday *Mini Rant* section, I will attempt this next Friday.   One is about walking in this town.   It is the hardest town I have ever lived in for walking around.  You have to constantly watch the driver, and dodge them, not the other way around.   The 2nd is about tipping and being a server in general.    It is a great job, but also incredibly hard.   To make it even more fun, in Wyoming-restaurants can and do still pay $2.25 an hour because we are making tips.   So getting say a dollar off coupon for Mc Donalds as a tip--is not going to make my day.   I had a table leave me the help wanted ads--with many jobs circled as my only tip one night.    Amusing now, but not at all that night.   Except maybe to my overly amused co-workers.  
    This is were I am also having a dilemma of sorts at my current job.   Things are going down hill very fast, and many nights are far from fun.   Even the new people sense it, and have been quitting about as fast as we can hire them.   BUT the tips have been amazing.   At least for me.   I have been told by the day crew, that I have knee pads sewn in my work pants.   To which I tell them about how you can buy pants with the knee pads already sewn in --in bulk at Costco!    Maybe it is just because I have been doing this for awhile and kinda/sorta know what I am doing?    Like I told some co-workers that tried to over load me with tables during the end or rodeo--"This isn't my first rodeo!"   Tried is the key word.   
      I have much cheaper rent right now, so think I will ride out the tourist season at this job, and than see were things take me.  
    So last night at work, I ended up with a table of three very attractive ladies.   It wasn't necessarily in my work section.    And after getting a very nice tip from that table, my boss mentioned that there might have been a note left on the table from the gals.    I went to check it out, and found a folded note with a huge heart on the front.   Inside it said  "for a good time call 911!"     Entertaining, but I already knew that!    Later it was learned that my manager wrote the note, not the purdy ladies.   Possible payback for him learning later why he shouldn't leave his car windows down.   I was randomly placing random food items on his car seat all through the night.   Luckily he learned this fact after I was already home.  
     One night a past manager got me even better.  He came back to the servers station, and told me that two young ladies had requested my section.   This had never happened before, so  I eagerly rushed out to the table.   The customers were ladies.   But haven't been young for awhile.   We will just say.  
    Everyone should wait tables for at least a year of there life.   If nothing else you will appreciate your service and your current job much more!  
    And now lets play----Were am I.   These are both out of Sheridan a lil bit.   And will both be featured in my travel/picture blogs very soon.

Next time you go to Wally World---take this  fun filled bingo card with you!  Bet you see it all.
  Read the whole thing.....

Onna my motto's!-------

If you haven't been outside this year, you might not have noticed this problem.   I think this sign is posted up in the mountains right now....

   And lastly a very effective speed limit sign!......

       **"Whether you think you can or think you can't--your probably right"**--Sewie Family Guy

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