Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1!!?

             **"It takes honey to catch flys but you gotta be extra fly to catch more honey's."**
                    **"The phones makin' funny noises again!"**--CoCo Rock star

                                         **"Two hour "rest" than back to work."**----
Workers are dropping like flies at work right now.  We have lost five workers in just over a weeks times.  The next few weeks, they are just scheduling me six days a week.   Luckily at the moment the tips are great, so it is bearable.   But crazy at the same time. 
                        **"Work both times today was hrs of fun, minus the fun!"**

                              **"A pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart!!!"**

                     **"  A zombie boyfriend will love you for your brain and not your body."**

        Vodka and ice will ruin your kidneys, Rum and ice will ruin your liver, Whiskey ...and ice will ruin your heart, Gin and ice will ruin your brain, Coke and ice will ruin your teeth....

Apparently, ICE is lethal!!!!!!! Warn all your friends, lay off the ICE---

     Not that I recommend anyone should steer clear of ice.   Or drinking for that matter.  I just found this one extra amusing.  Maybe because I might already have a pickled liver, and thus am safe.   Everything is dangerous for your health.   Depending on what day it is and how slow the news day is for reporters.  
    **"Will resting your cell phone on your junk, give you cancer down there?"**
     **"Enjoy life. Think of all the women who passed up dessert on the Titanic. "**

                                       **"Holy crap it's August!!"**----
    The last year has flown by for me.   And it has brought me a ton of huge changes in my life.  Even though I some how find myself back in the same job, in the same small town.   Now beyond single and beyond not enjoying much of it.   But life moves on.  Just like in that overly dumb shoe commercial.  Were it shows the house, full of neglect, while the man was out running much longer, because he had the perfect running shoe!   The food was all going bad, morning paper kept coming, answering machine was full of messages.  
   No matter how much we might not want it to, if you are on this side of the ground, life goes on.   With so many days at work, it is slightly easier to absorb myself in serving customers.  At least while I am at work.  But the times at home are amazingly hard.   Even though everyone around me has moved on, I am having a terrible time moving on.   I don't really want to find new friends because they might hurt me, like many in the recent past.   I don't want to date.  I really don't want to do anything most days right now.   Maybe  I just need to rent Forgetting Sarah Silverman, and take lots of notes.   Although I doubt I can afford a trip to HA.   I think that would make me forget most all of my problems actually.
   But through all the crap, self made and other wise.   Time moves on.   And some how I find the end of summer very close.   With that comes bitter cold here, and very low tips.   So I already need to jump start my thinking of were to move before winter really hits here.   I need    starts many of my thoughts again.   And if I am not careful, leads to more sleep less nights.  
    What seems like weeks ago, I was full of joy, writing about moving to WA before Christmas to get married.   Now I am sitting in the middle of BFE, beyond single, really favoring the few friends I have left!
   We had a really late starting summer this year, but when it hit, it would not let up.  Being near 100 outside a lot.   And almost too hot to do much, even making one not really even hungry many days.  Just feeling kind of blah, and wishing for that cooler wheather, we were all complaining about just months ago.   Today, with it cloudy and threatning of rain, feels awsome!   But also warns how close winter is in this state.  Since December, I have also moved five times now.   Very soon I will post some of my all time worst shared living experiences.   In celebration of being in my current place almost a month now, somehow.    I will also post next about Big Horns 130th celebration.   With lots of pictures.  

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  1. Yes, life is continuous ebb and flow. We all manage the best we can.