Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/14/11 WOW

**"Funny how everyone goes "missin" when they need nothing from you anymore.-- Poof!"**

**"It made my day that after the 25th our manager schedule at work just has a huge ? Mark! Honestly"**

 I really do not feel comfortable talking to much about what is going on at work.   Even though for the most part, my best friends already do know as much as I do, which is very little.   It probably still is not the best thing to be discussing to publicly.   Even if the higher ups do not seem to want to explain our future at all.   At least our workers can see the end coming.   Other restaurants in the chain were not as lucky.   And were greeted by a many managers and a U Haul van one day, when the managers told them to git out.  With one of the three managers last day being the 25th, no replacements have been named, so the managers schedule literally has a huge question mark on it.    This question mark lingers over all of us for the next two weeks also, for sure. 

**"The 25th could very well be onna my last days at work. Ill git back to y'all about how I feel about that."**

   I have very mixed feelings about all this.   Mainly because I traveled a long way to return to this job.  And it will probably be over very soon.  But on the same note, with winter hitting, and jobs very scarce around here, I could be collecting unemployment.   If the government has any cash left.   I will easily be the funniest person in the unemployment line!   I really do not like this state in the winter, but with much cheaper rent, at the moment, I could chill and maybe go back to school at the same time.   Or there are many places to move to, before the deep winter hits here.   In about a month!   Maybe a few daze away from it all, in  Billings at the Montana fair will help me make decisions.   If nothing else I will get my fill of action and corn dogs.  Those two thoughts do not go together in any way!

                                                        **"MMMmmmmmm Coffee!"**

   So I am watching "Yes Man"   After last discussing in my last blog, how hard things are to plan at the moment.   Maybe saying yes to whatever was presented to me would be kind of interesting.  Obviously there would be major draw backs.   But think of all the new things you would try.   That you never would before.   Becoming amazingly unpredictable, and living your life fully.  Not worrying about things becoming routine.  
    Not that I have ever had a problem saying no.  Some people deffinatly need to say it more.  Those that complain about so many phone calls or texts a day ---need to stop giving out there phone numbers, or replying to the texts.   After a long enough period, of no texts, everyone stops texting.   But saying yes to everything would be an adventure.  Yes it would!  

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