Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

    **"Most people spend their time trying to find someone to sleep with, instead of trying to find someone worth waking up to."**

   **"So this year two major people in my life,  lied to me, took advantage of me, stole from me, etc etc. But "they did nothing wrong" and I am the bad friend. Thank goodness for good memories, family, and booze!"**

                                    **"The best person I know, lives in my mirror!"**

                   **" I am just going to have them start forwarding my mail to work."**

                             **"Beer is good, God is great, and people are crazy."**------
                                                     Another great country song.  

                      **"I wish my money would have sex in my wallet and multiply!"**-----

 I have some good money saved up at the moment for a change.  Not really, if you factor in allll the people I owe.   Some day I will once again owe no one, like when I was a ten year old.   There is such a huge margin between those that have maybe to much money.  And those of us that are just steps away from finding two refrigerator boxes, and calling it a double wide!  

  Not that one would be able to tell from my paychecks, but I have been spending a lot of time at work.   Partly because we are short on crew members and the ones on the schedule seem to have a hard time actually making it into work.   And partly because, working and or being productive gives me something constructive to do and helps me forget, even if for a few hours.   I find with all this time with some co-workers I am learning way more about them than maybe anyone should know.   Although I am sure they could same about me.   Most noticeably that pit juice, AKA deodorant, is sometimes to expensive for me to purchase.  OK I am making that up, but I can admit that a few times at other jobs, I got home about time to start for work.   I would buy a new shirt, spray on Frebreeze and clock in!  Maybe I am also making that up.   I will never tell!   We did have an extra stinky associate that worked in the hardware section at Wally World for awhile.   Who we affectionately called Pig Pen.   Subtle hints did not work, and for the most part I fail at being subtle.  So one Christmas, we all chipped in and filled a basket with self cleaning musts.   Soap, pit juice, mouth wash, TP, etc    and signed it from Santa Clause.   And added an instruction list for each of the products just in case.   Management was not thrilled with the gift.  But they seldom liked my ideas.  
     Most of the current stories from work---I am not dumb enough to share.   At least till I am working else were.   But something  I find extra amusing involves a co workers that is very similar to arguing with a brick wall when you disagree with him.   He will keep arguing, even after everyone around realizes he is wrong, and you have all lost many IQ points just being around the conversation.  Anyway, when he and a certain co worker get in an argument, it is short lived.   The other individual soon says, I slept with your sister, and the first described hangs his head and walks off.   Something non of the rest of us can say.    For whatever reason I find all this amusing, every time.   But once again it could be one of those many experiences were you have to be there to be amused. 
    Yesterday after work I ended up at the arts festival at the college with my parents and than watching pig wrestling at the fair.   So all in all a great day.   I will report on all this and other random rambling and roaming very soon.   I have a list of blog topics and ideas I want to share very soon.   But this entry took a mind all it's own.   Blame it on being tired, or being at work so much lately.   But I do have the next two daze off work, maybe, so can start posting again.  

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