Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Rambling Continued

                        **"What happens if one is scared half to death---twice?"**

                              **"What happens if a fire station starts on fire?"**------

   I recently posted this question on Facebook after watching an episode of King of The Hill, were the guys became volunteer fireman.   And in the end, lit there own fire station on fire, while on a call.   But a friend of mine, that used to be a volunteer fireman, says he knows of it happening.   I am still not sure if it was at his fire house.   This all would make a great video to watch I feel.  But what worse way to wake up, alarms blaring in your ears, slide down the pole, into a fire!   

    I am slowly discovering that these very small motel coffee cups are not really cutting it.   Even while pretending and maybe wishing, I had a bed mate, and grabbing two cups at a time.   So I am not sure how much sense this blog entry will make.   I am not sure how much sense any of them make, actually.   I do know that this will be a short entry.   I have not yet made it out of the motel to explore.   And will have more to describe in written and picture form tonight and beyond.    I am sure my two readers can't wait!
    I do have to say that the Metra looks awesome!   At least from the outside.   After watching last years video of the twister just hovering over the park--like it had a vengeance on the buildings, I was wandering.    I have not been to the Metra or really hung out in Billings for about ten years now.  It was the big city for us growing up, the town does have a mall.   Which looks exactly as I recall.   Seeing all the shopping was nice too.  I do not like shopping, but with basically two retail choices in Sheridan, it is hard to find anything.   I spent some down time roaming around book stores and World Market last night.   And than ended sadly ended up in the huge Wally World.   I have worked at five of the stores, and roamed around numerous ones around the country.   And it seems that you see the same faces and down trodden, broken spirited workers in each store.  This one is nice though, with huge isles.   And a huge food area.  Which was great because I needed something to snack on in my motel room. 
    I resisted the huge urge to eat corn dogs at the fair because my stomach was already giving me issues.   But will probably break down and eat one or two today.   I am sure they will mix well with the beverages tonight.   I have before mentioned how great carnival corn dogs are.   I am not sure why they are so good, and do not think I really want to know the secrets.   But have often joked about all the local stray dogs disappearing when the fair is in town.   That ain't right!    I can say that the best corn dogs, are from the food stands inside the actual carnival area.   Not the stands outside of the rides.  
     I also resisted the urges to eat at places we had were I live.   It's somewhat like going to France and eating at Le Mcdonalds.   This town has some awesome restaurants.  But with fears of being jobless soon, I am kind of on a budget.  I did end up at Dennys for a late night meal.   A place that we do not have  back home, but always seems to be good, no matter were you stop.   This location held  true with that, but maybe was a little slow.   Being a server, I find myself very critical with service.   But I tip very good.   I loved the service in Washington.  Any were.   Jobs were very scarce, and no one wanted to loose there jobs.  So even the "crummiest" restaurants offered four star service!

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