Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16/11 "Free Balling" Around Montana

     **"My  mom used to tie dental floss around our life savers --so if we choked, she could pull it out, and save us."**     
    **"My mom used to by wine that came in a box, take the bag out of the box, put it in her purse, and than sneak it into movies."**

     Neither of the above is actually about my mom, was channel surfing earlier and heard these.   At the moment I find them funnier than the Yo momma jokes of old. 

    So with a full summer of working, and not really doing anything fun.   Before a winter of job hunting, and arguing, followed by a mere twenty three hour bus ride to a town I never really wish to return too.  I decided to go against my better judgements and go out of town, and state to Billings for Montana fair and some just enjoying myself.   Against my better judgement, because it will not be a free trip.  And because it is not really planned out at all.   My great driver, waited while I got a room, a challenge in itself.   And than we wandered around in the heat at the fair for awhile, and than she sadly had to leave.   So  I am at the mercy of friends that live here, the city bus system, and probably the Greyhound to return home.   I started the trip thinking someone else was going to drive me.  Someone that could stay up here, and help split the costs.   I also thought that I might be getting some of my belongings back.  I had heard through the grape vine that what would have been my mother-in-law was going to be in town working the fairs great carnival.   Already neither of those things turned out.
    I came very close to losing a reasonable room.   Although the last Motel 6 I stayed in was about thirty dollars total.   For whatever reason both of the town's Motel 6's leave there lights on for you, across the street from each other.   One, Tom Buadette shoot the lights out, wishing we would leave, in my travels.   Usually the motels all look the same, with remodels, but these do not.   I once had many pictures, takin in the mirrors of these motels, when I got antsy and needed to take a road trip.   But the pictures are gone, and the vehicle is also.  Anyways, the first older one, was full.   Across the street was a line in the lobby.  I could tell rooms were running out.  And the person ahead of me, said he called earlier to save a room.   It just happened to be the last room they had.   He even pulled out his phone to prove he had called the motel, making me sure I was losing the room.    Turns out he had called the motel across the street, with the same name.   Happy day!
    Road trips are always very calming.   When things got a little to stressful I would find a way to disappear for a day or two.  Usually with no plan.   When I was in a relationship,  the trips usually involved someone else, or were just down the road to wander and find coffee.  Maybe buy some flowers, so that I was allowed back in the house.   Of course with no vehicle, a trip of any kind is long over due for me.  I was told that my past bus trips counted as road trips.   And they did give me some great memories and things to write about.   But for the most part were miserable and very stressful.   Not that a lot of my road trips past have not been full of stress.   Usually I have a very un-reliable vehicle or can't find a gas station that takes actual cash for miles.   But something about being on the road, with no real mission is great.  
    I would like to say the same thing would be true about just taking off and hitch hiking.   But have learned, with many a faulty vehicle, that it is now very hard to catch a ride in America.   Most of the time that I was very successful was when I had kids with me.  People stop much quicker.   Beyond few drivers being brave enough to stop, you have to question those that do stop.   I have several times wanted to save cash, and be brave and just take off on foot.   Writing about who stopped and were I ended up.  But fear that a first blog entry would be about bailing out of a moving vehicle, because the driver was holding a running chain saw!   I feared the end was near one road trip gone bad, soon after entering someone Else's vehicle.   It was a newer truck and all of the doors locked instantly as the engine roared to life.   Causing me to panic more than a little at first. 

    So in random TV watching the last few daze, I was just watching about a fair were they are deep frying sticks of butter.   No joke.   Now I like a good deep fried food, but this is just sounds like a heart attack on a stick.  They said each held just over 1000 calories.   I still think, mainly be observing my towns residents, who probably resemble the people were you live.   Think that the restaurant would make bank by taking out the huge salad bar, and having a deep fry your own bar.  Twinkies, oreos, ice cream, but no butter!    I am once again going to refrain from making fun of bigguns in this blog.   Some day I will actually express more on the subject.   It may even fill a whole blog.  
    I have shared before that most of the people on electric carts at Wally World were large people, not old people.  And that one day one such persons cart ran out of juice in the middle of the store.  It took five workers to get her on another working cart.   Which makes one wonder how she got from her car into the store in the first place?   I also have shared how a former friend of mine, accused restaurant servers for making people fat.   I do not recall forcing food down any ones throat, yet.   And blamed a repeated hand to mouth movement more.    Long story short, he does not talk to me anymore.
    Last topic for tonight.   I was watching a video of my nephew playing the piano yesterday.   He is amazing.   I learned the basics  but nothing much better than Chop Sticks --to annoy the music teacher, and Twinkle Twinkle little Star.    Mostly because my mom restored a piano, and after all that work, we moved it every time we moved.  And there was a lot of moves.  At some point it was determined I should learn how to play the piano at least a lil bit.  I just watched a show were the were auctioning off an old piano.   The top was hollowed out to store booze.   Now that kind of instrument, I could enjoy in my house!
   Tomorrow morning, over free coffee, I will post again!   I have some time to kill before my friends get off work.   And always need lots of coffee.   For now good night!

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