Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

       "If I was a member of congress and if I was an idiot...but I repeat myself." Mark Twain

  **"Donald Duck's on a dirty weekend, calls reception & asks for condoms. Receptionist says shall I put them on your bill? "Don't be thuckin thupid I'd thuffocate!"**

            **" Somebody just called me childish, I almost choked on my Lego."**

                          Just like in Vegas---*"What happens here -stays here!"**

  Word on here doesn't get around near as fast as on Facebook.   I am always amazed at how many people actually read the mostly mindless drivel I post on the sight.   My main continued gripe--is that I spend way to much time on the pages.   Although it gives me great "material" for these blogs.   Most of it is borrowed though, so ever publishing any of these pages, is iffy.   And that lately every time the powers that be try to update Facebook, most of the sight stops working.  The main difference is that everything I put in my blogs--I wish it to be there.  And for input on my thoughts, no matter how random, although I seldom git this.   The following is a little crude---but describes FB to a T.

      Facebook...what book? Slutbook? They need to call this F*ckbook. Picture lookin good..but in person? Yuckbook. Hellbook Tellbook..b*tches can't Spellbook. Hate behind your back but in person wish you Wellbook. Glitchbook Snitchbook..Fake family Listbook. Posting on her page this is trying to steal yo b*tchbook. Rudebook Feudbook tell your every move book. I don't even need*t right here is Newsbook
                 WOW!   My spell check really "hated" the above paragraph!

  Ever feel like you are stuck in a huge rut, doing the same things each and every day?   When I was not working, in Washington, this was very true.   Although I could spice up random days by taking any number of great mind clearing hikes.   Now that I am working full time, at least at the moment, it is a completely different routine.   But still so set, and so dam boring.   Gals supposedly like stability a ton, but I am single at the moment anyway.   This is not the best town to be spontaneous in.   Not that spontaneous is bad, but there really is not much to do during ones spare time.   Thus the increase in blog entries on my daze off work.   I have a ton of ideas for the future, 90% involving bigger towns.    I am currently watching Wedding Daze on TV.    In the begging the "pie molester" from American Pie, I am bad with names-sorry.  Decides he is tired of daydreaming of his dead fiance, that had a heart attack when he asked her to marry him.  He suddenly asks his waitress to marry him, whom he just meet, and she says yes!     Now this all makes a great movie, but is way to spontaneous for me.   At least today. 

                                           **Fortune favours the bold."**

   But it also might make you very poor and or hurting very fast.   I like to have some type of game plan at all times.   But plans for about the last year, have not been working out for me at all!   Due to new information, I am very sure the restaurant I am working at, will be closing it's doors for good much sooner than I had before thought.   Although it is great to have some kind of early warning, other restaurants in the same chain, got none.   It would be even better, if corporate would just let us in on the grand plan.   I have about 29 future changing plans in my head right now, and can not decide which direction to head.  Professor Getty--whom  has about as much trouble staying put as I do, and is known for saying "Gonna do it my way, and hit the highway!"  just told me I should take the hardest choice.   Be bold, because fortune favours the bold!  But after following my heart a time or two to many, the safest route might be much better.   Although always boring.   Gahhh!

                               **"Up! Will git back to you about the awake part."**-----
     Today I just kind of feel blah!   Not sick, just out of it.    My eye kept randomly twitching yesterday, I am guessing from needing a lil more sleep.   That is normal right?   So, I was kind of glad when I found out that I had to many hours at work, and suddenly found out I had the day off.   Wish I would have learned this before I drank gallons of coffee.   I  first thought about a nice mind clearing hike.   But than I recalled were I lived.   And than I recalled I just don't feel up to it.   So far I have slacked and now find it is almost one some how.  O well.  

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