Thursday, August 25, 2011



              **"Of all the things you took from me, I miss my smile the most."**

   As I sit here on my day off work- full of coffee, but not quite yet productive, I realize there are going to many changes flying my way once again in the next few months.   In every aspect.   Some major changes will be happening at work.   With the main manager coming out of retirement and taking over the restaurant once again.   I have to say she is easily one of the best managers I have ever had.   As in number 2 or higher best.   But this will bring big changes I am sure.  Probably for the better.   With winter in the near future, this town will change a lot also.   No tourists and extreme cold, kind of put this town in a state a lot like hibernation.   I do have super cheap rent right now, and see the benefits of a small local, great community college.   But do not think I can stand another winter in this state.   With those thoughts here are some more thoughts on my mini stay in Billings.   A place that could very well be my new home, at least for the winter.   My past blogs have talked about it also of course.  I find I decide things by talking it through to myself, but out loud.   To keep from annoying the others at Star Bucks---I will try to put it down in written form. 

     So last Tuesday I pawned off one of my days at work and headed up to Billings.   With no real plan.  Defiantly more fun to do when you have your own vehicle.  But an adventure is an adventure.  I knew that if I had to, I could hop the bus back into Sheridan.  But really did not want to.   Just getting out of town, and work was a huge plus.    I ended up getting the last Motel 6 room, out of the two side by side motels.   Coming amazingly close to missing out on the room.   Luckily the person in front of me, who had made reservations, had made them at the other motel.   And I got the last cheapish room in the town.   Even with the fair, they had not chosen to jack up there room prices.   My cell phone was dead, so I left it charging in my room.   Feeling naked while roaming around the fair.   The worse is when you feel the phones vibration, and realize you do not even have your phone on you.  

    My driver and I wandered around the fair for a few hours.   But soon realized it was too hot to be out and about.   Although the heat brings out the females with very little clothing!  We wandered the ten miles back, up hill back to the car, and soon after she left town.   The friends I have, were all working that night, so I ended up back at the fair for awhile, roaming.   And than after getting boared of channel surfing, wandered around Billings on foot.   Ending up at the huge Borders, a casino or three, one can not gamble in Sheridan.  The World Market, a store I used to really enjoy wandering while living in Eugene Oregon.  They have some of everything.  And sadly enough Wally World because I wanted some snacks for later in the room.  This store is super huge.  And the more I think about going back to the company for awhile, it is almost seeming like a good idea.  Although I still recall the many drawbacks.  Wandering each store, and seeing the faces of the workers, any store in this retail chain, brings back bad thoughts.   Than I ended up eating at Dennys.   In all my travels, they always seem to have great food, although this service was very slow.  But were did I have to be?  Sadly on the walk back over the bridge to my temporary home, my pre paid cell phone ran out of texts.   And the only place that sold them was the Wally World about a mile away.   I was not going back that night, communications might be slowed for me, but the phone part of my phone still worked.   Who uses phones for calls anyways?
     After much free motel coffee, were I pretended I had a room partner, by grabbing two coffee cups at a time.  The cups were super small!   And a nice swim in the pool.   I tried out the towns bus system.  But mainly ended up lost.   I chilled at the motel until my long term buddy got off work.   And than we had a great dinner at Red Robin.   The only draw back there, was seeing all the good looking gals up front, and than getting the one dopey male server as ours.  But the food was good.   We than wandered around the fair for hours.  Enjoying the sights and the beer gardens.  

   Staying away from riding any rides.   I used to be able to ride anything.  But now, just watching the rides makes me feel sick. 
  Took in some great free concerts.   Were I tried to cheer them on, but mostly just seemed to scare the passers by.  
We watched a great motorcycle show.  Except for the announcer.   He was extra lame and kind of ruined the show.   He must have yelled out Billings MT 60 times during the hour long show.   Anytime it got quite, like when the riders were switching bikes, I would yell out, were are we at again!?


           "Breaking" in a new tire.   I think they had to put on a new one right after this.  

  I believe the best dollar I spent was viewing the "worlds smallest woman"  I was picturing a sea monkey or something equally lame.   My buddy gladly paid the dollar since I said I would break the rules and take a picture.   I got my camera ready and stuffed it in my pocket.   And was more than a little shocked to just be viewing a midget.   She was sitting, so I guess appeared smaller.   I love how a list of facts about her was on the wall, so that she could talk on her cell phone.   I pulled out my camera, and soon heard her yelling "No pictures!!  At me.   Than she started pointing at me--and yelling it more.   I responded with "OK, .... Click! and ran out of the booth.  Fearful of getting kicked in the groin.  I am sure that  is about as high as she can kick.   Or getting head butted in the groin.    Anyways here's the picture in case you don't have a dollar to spend when the carnival hits your town. 

  None the less, it was the best dollar I spent at the fair!   Waaaay better than seeing the snake lady.   I do not have an actual picture, but must say that I want my money and everyone Else's back after that. 

   "The head of a beautiful woman and the body of an ugly snake" the pre recorded announcer kept repeating.   It turned out the whole thing was kindda ugly.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  After enjoying the lil lady, I found another dollar.   Turns out this lady has the worse job in the fair, by far!    She was sitting in a caged in area, head through a platform in the ground, with a fake snake body wrapped around her.   Head free to answer any dumb questions viewers might have.   I was to annoyed to have any questions, good or other wise. 
   The worse part of the possibly came when we left the fair.   And went to the gas station across the street.   After spending four dollars a piece for cups of beer, we found an entire tub of bottles of beer, for 50 cents.   Defiantly visiting that store before the fair next year!
    The next day I enjoyed another swim.   And hung out in the motel.   A classmate of mine, just happened to be driving to Sheridan that day.  And she offered me a ride home.   It was great, and kept me from boarding the always dreaded bus.   We had a great chat the long ride home.   Not the greatest trip for adventure, but nice how everything worked out so well.   And I had a lot of fun along the way. 


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