Monday, August 29, 2011


                       **"I thought I could stop thinking about you, I thought wrong!"**

                                      **"I like how cologne and alone rhyme."** 

                 **" Being employee of the month is win and fail at the same time!"**

             **"If you have fat friends, you don't have teeter toter's---you have catapults!"**

             **"Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you."**

   **"Things are going crazy, dogs are running around, barking, things flying, people yelling, and there is a hurricane going on outside."**---- A friend of mines post on Facebook the night Irene went over there town.  Luckily they and there neighbors came out fine.  As well as an old class mate of mine that lives in Boston.   He went to a baseball game that night.   Obviously few ventured out in the storm and rain, but those that did really enjoyed the game.   Just another example of how you can get almost instant information, even during a huge storm. 

                                   **"Excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one."**

    I have once again been slacking on posting.  I kind of lived at work again this weeksend.  And am thinking about just sleeping in the managers office, to cut down on my commute.  Yesterday I worked about 12 hours and clocked out from just the weekend, with 30 hours.   The tips were very good, and I like my job, so I am not really complaining.  It just leaves me with little free time were I am not sleeping or just vegging in front of the boob tube.  I started out this month very good with posts.  
    I do have today and tomorrow off work, so should be able to post and do something interesting enough to create a second post!  

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