Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where does the one legged server work?.....

   **"People may wonder why love can hurt so much at times the fact is love is most powerful liveing emotion god ever gave to us, and the more powerful something is the greater it can destroy if not handled the right way, i think of the quote " with great power comes great responsibility**"

  **" I'm proud of my heart... it's been played, cheated, and stabbed... and yet somehow still works."**

  **"And now I sit me down to drink, into the bottle I will sink, if I should call at 3 AM, come bail me out and be a friend!"**---I have had some great conversations at three in the morning.   Many of wich, I was the one dumb enough to pick up the phone.   Most of the time I knew the person on the other end of the line, even!   Some of these conversations I recall very well.   And I will write about some of them, after the court dates!   Just because I have drank away many of my brain cells, does not mean I can not recal things.   I just might not choose to recall them in a timely manner.    I like to think that when two of the remaining brain cells bump into each other, those around me are rewarded with a huge, great smile from me.    Very similar to the smile I show when I fart!

  **"If someone throws Skittles at you and yells "taste the rainbow" run them over with your car and yell "nationwide is on your side."**

      **"Just heard that the etch-a-sketch museum in DC is a complete loss..."***Stole from my brothers pages, when I stopped laughin'    I had some people at work beleiving this one was a true story most of today.    Have you ever seen any of that art on the etch-a-setch?   They are amazing.   The artists take the sketch stuff out the back, and it preserves the art forever.     My regular art is bad---with a capitol Ewwww.   Most of my animals or people are stick figures.   But great ones at that!   So my art on onna these devises dosn't go much past a sqaure or stair case that takes two hours to make.  

                                      **"Everybody dies , but not everybody lives."**

**"At least in the winter time you can just put on more clothes. There are only so many clothes you can take off, when its summer! So freakin' hot again today."**-----

  It was not long ago at all, that we were all wishin' that summer would show it's face.   At least here, it took awhile, but came out in full force.   Almost making me long for snow.  Almost ---I really didn't say the S word.  Usually in Wyoming, we get about two weeks of near 100 degree wheather.  This summer it has been almost every day since about the 3rd of July.   Still beating those poor folks in Texas were it has been 100 or over for 40 days straight now.   I used to get so mad when living down south, because all the locals would say it's not as hot, because it's a dry hot.   After it's 120 in the shade, it is just freakin hot!   Thats all there is too it.   I have, a little grudgingly noticed that it has been closer to 80 were I was last living in Washington.  

I have been told--or maybe I told people that some of the biggest people shop at
the above store for there clothes.  

  My delivers on it's way!  Much better than the load of coal pictures I have --wich
might be delivered to me this Christmas.   Gals like bad boys right?

Another picture of me in a Motel 6.   This was last week in Billings, MT. 
One of the first in the chain I have visited in a long time that had not done a remodel.
Each of the new rooms look excatly the same.  
I have many many pictues of me in motel 6 rooms.  
Usually when I needed to git away from it all and go on a road trip.
And because they are cheap rooms.  
Supposidly the chain started out with $6.00 rooms.
My taxi drive told me this and more useless information.  Alot of the time talking about the motel chain.   And than attempted to drop  me off at the Econo Lodge just down the street. 
For whatever reason I did not want the driver to feel bad, and just got out at this motel. 
The only album I have more picture in, is me by random vehicles, usually in the middle of no were, hood up, and me thumbing it.   Now that is a huge picture album.

                                                      Picture through my motel rooms peep hole.

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