Monday, July 11, 2011

    I am now in a very good mood.   I got my entire rent deposit back, not losing anything.   I was not expecting this at all.   In fact it might well be the first time I have ever gotten a full deposit back, ever.   Whether I deserved it all or not.  The landlord even wanted to hire my cleaner.   Something I thank my mom for, but highly doubt that is in her career plans.  What am I going to do with all of this cash---go to Disney Land!   Wait, that's not it.   At this point I am making plans faster than your average Prune Juice kicks in.   So I will not even attempt to put any of them down on paper for you all to laugh at.  
    I really do have some great blogs in mind to post very soon.  Several from roaming around Sheridan.   And such.   Most of them are even structured and planned out!   I just have  not had the time to share or post them.  
    I noticed after leaving my new bank, that I was wearing a hat from a local rival bank while doing my banking.   When I lived in Oregon it was soon noticed that two major sports teams divided the entire state.  It was great fun to wear the rival teams hats and or gear depending on what town you were in.   In some cases it was also a little dangerous to ones safety.  Mostly in Eugene, because that is were I lived.   The campus was all Duck fans.  And I would wear my Beaver gear through campus and to the local Starbucks.   Were it was almost impossible to actually study, with all the co eds around, also not studying.   Such lame mascots if you ask me.   But no one was asking me.   And everyone was very into there teams. 
    I find it very remarkable that each of my paragraphs so far have started with I.  And also that in my last years brain farts of loaning out my money to the wrong people--freely and with no objections from me whatsoever.   I have become the bad person.  I let the loans slowly turn into gifts it seems, and than when I do mention the money.  I have become a terrible friend.  Someone that they should not talk to anymore.   Is this normal, or is it just fun to shun me?   Because I know some people I would love to loan cash to, if it would shut them up!  This time around I am making it very known that I am beyond broke.  And it is working very well so far.  

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