Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TV Swap Meet ---Tucson

            This page is my third such blog page.  A picture filled Exploring page that takes us across the amazing state of Arizona.  Many of the posts now revolve around our new home in Benson.  But as time goes on, and our bank account grows, I hope to involve the entire state.  Hikes and picture taking is very calming for me.  I also find it great fun each time I drive past a local area that I have already Explored--my family and those in the vehicle with me, usually do not find it as entertaining.  This is a very new sight, so if you enjoy what you see here--please share the links and help me get the word out on this great page!     For more Exploring and pictures   I also have a Washington state page----     The longer we have lived here, the more people I have ran into that used to live in Washington.    And my first and longest running page has lots of pictures also.  Fair warning it is also my joke and vent page---so the posts stay interesting for sure.  Check them all out. 

    On this fine day we finally ventured to the Tanque Verde swap meet.   We have been to the swap meet in Sierra Vista several times and where not real impressed.  This one in Tucson is on a huge lot of property, but I would defiantly advice one to visit on a Sunday afternoon.  We went on Saturday morning and lots of the vendors where not set up yet.  Also every sign we read seemed to promote Sunday activities.  We spent a long time roaming the goods for sale.  And even found a few great deals.   A very customer friendly and large parking lot awaits buyers on both sides of the sale.  With plenty of entrances for sure.  

I am always a sucker for some great wall art!

Spotted this creature lurking on top of one of the buildings.  
Not sure if it is a mascot 
but if my buddy would have been with us, he would not have been impressed with 
the huge spider one bit.  

I always snap pictures of running water while Exploring Arizona. 
Because it is so hard to find.  
This huge tank was great.
It was also filled with huge fish that the kiddos enjoyed feeding. 
For a short period of time. 

Near the fish was a small carnival set up. 
Luckily for us, the rides were not yet open and running.
The signs said that rides were free early on Sunday mornings.  

I picture this trailer for several reasons. 
First I have never seen a barber in a travel trailer before. 
Next I don't believe I have seen a barber at a swap meet before.
And this location had several barbers.
And lastly...

I realize this is not the case, 
but at first glance this local mascot on the
side of the trailer  
really looks like it is wearing a straight jacket!

That's my kind of monkey!

For a swap meet the selection seemed very strange.  Brand new furniture venues were mixed
in right beside barbers and these lawn ornaments.  To me it seemed much more like a large
outdoor thrift store. 
Some shops even had peremanet stores--and just had to open there doors to great customers. 
Vendors also did not seem very willing to change there prices or barter.
I thought this was one of the main draws of a swap meet?

I would like to visit again.
Maybe on a busier day. 
I also would not mind trying to sell at this meet. 
But we have defiantly been to better swap meets.

Above are my prizes for the day.
I got them both for a very reasonable price. 
Although because I have the items up for sale now
I will not say how reasonable of a price. 

In my eyes Speedway Outlet and
this place  also on Speedway 
have a much better selection than the swap meet.
But what do I know?  

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