Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dec. 22 2016 Dun Dun Dun!

     So the other night when I posted I was at the local laundry mat---I really do enjoy it late at night, because no one is in the building.  And even though I have always worked around people, I really do not like people.  ;)  Many daze coffee almost makes me nice.  Anyways I was going to return there last night--but bed beside my beautiful wife was more appealing.  I really only needed to wash my work shirts --and have done them in the tub and the sink before, but the other day I became the dinner show--and spilled a full bowl of oatmeal first fully on myself and down my whole front and than everything hit the ground and broke.  Luckily for whatever reason the oatmeal was not incredibly hot.  This was a few days back, and I am pretty sure I still have the warm breakfast cereal in my under shorts.  Also luckily the cooks were not really paying attention, because usually when something is broke they start clapping which starts the customers in the restaurant applauding.  Although while I was yelling for a clean up, and not finding one, I am pretty sure I started clapping.  I don't really mind cleaning up my own messes  but it was busy --of course, and we have people to do that.  When I finally caught up with my other tables and explained to that one, that I decided to throw there breakfast--not like they had not seen it all---I returned to clean up my own Dam mess.  Just as I started, the busier--- one of the people for that---walked up and started staring at me.  I started yelling "Don't worry I got this!" repeatably at him until he walked away.   Anyways, I did not feel the oatmeal would come off of my work shirt by using our home sink, tub, and or potty.  And our washer is down for the count at the time being.   Devistating news with a family of five if you hate laundry mats.  So if any readers out there want to get us a great Christmas gift....    So I got up way to early this morning -found coffee-of course and came to the laundry mat.  While here I thought I would type out some drivel and call it a blog, drink more coffee, and watch it rain.  A rare treat in the desert.  More fun when everyone walking out in the rain acts like they are going to melt if any rain water actually hits them.   It also just means that my commute to work is going to be twice as long, because no one in the desert can drive in the rain.  Or ANY weather condition besides full on sunshine, although that is even highly questionable.  
         At least with the rain it is feeling a little more like Christmas time, it really is right around the corner and I am not feeling it at all this year.  Maybe because I have to work so much.  I am greatly slacking at present buying, not new for me, but maybe even more so than any other year.  I have shared a lot of my shopping methods and holidaze ideas in past blogs, but I believe my favorite shopping method is still to hit 7-11 on Christmas Eve and fill up my basket with 40's of beer, Twinkies, and condoms!   If your on my shopping list  you know what to look forward too!   Sorry about ruining the surprise.  
                     All the kiddos are on winter break until next year dun dun dun!      Wait that's not the Jaws music.... 
                                                                                                                 **"Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am awake."**
Rv on fire on I 10 about Rita Road. Highway is a parking lot Good thing I have me coffee--This was a few daze back on my way to work.  I heard about the fire, but was not able to get off the highway in time.  Being in gridlock made me wonder, if it counts as texting and driving   when you are not really moving?   Anyways, the fire was out by the time I finally neared the accident.  But it was a newer -very nice full sized RV that was 90 percent gutted by the flames.   
              **What are you doing reading this blog---shouldn't you be out shopping for my Christmas presents!??**
                                                                                                                                                                                                  No   keep reading, I am always fully surprised at how many views this very page gets.  And thank you for each and every one of them!    My newest Exploring blog page also needs tons of views.   Please take a look around and help me get the word out.  It really is  a great page, if I do say so myself.
         I am tired of sitting here, and my laundry appears to be done, AND I am currently out of coffee --so I am going to cut this post short and leave you all with a warm wish for an amazing and family filled Christmas!    I will return soon with many pictures and jokes like most of the posts.   Sorry.  

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