Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26th 2016-- Return Day!

            Hello all this day after Christmas!   I hope that you all had an amazing and family filled Christmas.  Today is the first huge day of returns at all retail stores, while 1000 of us attempt to return gifts for what we really wanted, or now need, cash.  The news is saying that this was a huge Christmas in sales across the country  largest in years.   With sales only growing today while people buy discounted items after they get done returning all of there items.  I even went to the local Wally World, to join the masses and see what was on sale.  Mainly to buy a fake Christmas tree for next year.  We went by with a small tree and a decorated outside tree and of course lights all over.  Because we have more pets than normal around the house right now.  And we thought trying to keep the tree safe from the cats mostly  would be to much of a challenge.  I did find a new fake tree for us  today at half off!   Price wise    not that half of it was missing, thus cheaper.  And in the picture--there is already presents under the  tree---so think of all that time saved for next year too...     We have mixed thoughts about fake and real trees---my family would go hunt one out -saw it down and bring it home-many a year.   We tried to get a real tree two years ago here---and it was such a pain in the butt, and they were so expensive--that we gave up and got a live tree from the dreaded Wally World store.  We again got a fake tree a few years back, but found many of the pieces were missing when we found the Christmas supplies this year.  Patrick Neil Harries ---Doogie Howzer of all people, might have publicly said it best this year---pleading for people to get live/real trees  because a fake tree stays in the landfills for 1000 years.   And for every Christmas tree they cut down, it is mandatory government and business wise to plant three new tress.   Yes you can use your fake tree again and again and maybe pass it down to the next generation, maybe  -but you wont use it for a 1000 years.     Plus it just wont have that new car pine smell.   Although I think that would turn our stupid cats on.   OK enough being deep for this post for sure.  ;)
             This Christmas like most of 2016 was kind of disappointing for me.  Although I was with my amazing family, until work time.  Even the tips, just didn't live up to most big holidaze   by a far shot.   Although the extra pay rate did help.  I hope everyone reading this, especially my mom and dad   had a n amazing day.   When I slow down enough  I will call them--but for now  We-as usual made sure the kiddos had an amazing morning.  And did not do to much for each other, especially after just buying our new car   we really could not do much for each other.  We did wake up to snow visible very low in the surrounding mountains which was nice.  I just really never got in the spirit this year, the customers kept being angry--my wife and I always fight before holidays it seems, and I have been trying not to be sick for like two weeks now.   I hope your Christmas was amazing!   
                                                                                                         **        If you ever find yourself at a party or such in an awkward silence try yelling out "did you forget your lines!?" I'm going to try this at work at a table **                                                                                                                                                                                                                            **" I hope everyone enjoys the air guitars I got them for Christmas! Our living room looks like a toys r us store just threw up!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                           **"364 days until Christmas and already so many people have there decorations up!"**
**"I found I wrap presents like a blind chimp on meth."**
**"I feel sorry for kids with lesbian parents--they get caught in the endless loop of go ask your mother!"**
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Its good to learn this early boys and girls but here's the cliff notes. Its not about being good or bad but rich kiddos get more from Santa than poor kids do.

Killer winds on I 10. Big storms a brewin this Christmas Eve :-) maybe five feet if snow? Lol that would shut Arizona down for a week----Posted this online on Christmas eve after driving up to work.  Very strong winds.  In fact I was kind of mesmerized by the travel trailer ahead of me, weaving all over the road in the high winds.  
Us real men start shopping tonight!---;) of course also posted on Christmas Eve.

          ** Religion is not a fad it will not help you get your dream guy/gal or dream life. Posting about how wonderful God is, is great, but if you post things like this and than continue with an obviously sinful life, you are actually hurting the cause. Going to church does not make you any more of a Christian than standing in your garage makes you a car! That said Merry Christmas to you Christians Happy Hanukkah to the Jews and good luck if you are an Atheist!   And if your religion makes you hate anyone, you are doing it wrong!    Just sayin' **
                                                                                                                                                                                     Classic flashback to last years Christmas Eve at work----This was easily the best night of entertainment there   thus far....
                                    So earlier in the main lobby of the casino where I work some drunk lady was yelling at the door security guards. Calling them lil b*tches among other things. The real police were called in when she would not leave. And she tried to make a run for it, staggering further into the casino. She got tackled and than tazzered several times, when she would not let the cops hand cuff her. Dinner show for our guest for sure! Some one should have takin' a picture or two for her Christmas cards      True story! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           **"Think about what last call would look like if Wal Mart had a bar!"**
Speaking of returns--this goes back soon.  But the lines were tooooooo long today.    Got for the ugly sweater contest at work   too many customers said it was cute----long story short I lost the contest and was just leasing the sweater it seems.  But in my defense it was a 20 dollar sweater.   Above being guarded by one of our cats   

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