Friday, March 25, 2011

3/25/2011 Yo yo!

                      **  " I don't do perky. You want perky, get a coffeemaker!"**---Garfield
                                         **"Theres not enough booze on the planet, fugly lady!"**
                            **"Fat does float!"**----Me    Discouraging a large co worker when she was braggin' about swimming across a rather large lake.  --One proably had to be there to find the humor.  Although she was far from amussed.           To go with this I must tell about another large co-worker.  Not amazingly both of these worked with me at Wally World.   Not supprisingly they were not the largest people we worked with.   **Writers note----I am not making fun of big-uns at all in this rambling blog.   Not saying I will not do so, or have not done so.   I have just been refraining so far!     Anyways this worker decided to share with us all one day how when she jumped in the city pool, it took ten kids to dunk her under water.  And if she dove in the deep end --she just kind of bobed up and down in the water.   She decided to share this while I was in the break room---- I am very sure I sat there taking it all in, bitting my tounge so hard it was bleeding, than ran out of the room, and proably made it into the hall way before I started laughing so hard that I am very sure my panties were very moist.  After that she became Beuoy.    Like the things that float in the ocean to keep boats on there path.  And no matter how hard you hit them, the boat sinks before them.   I long ago learned the importance of researching "code names"    Very soon I will explain this in depth.  But can say that many of my freinds have and had nick names.  If they knew it or not. 
    So today I am mostly rambling.   My best buddy is overly sick and although I am trying to be helpful, we are finding it way to easy to get on each others nerves.  I enjoy getting on many peoples nerves, but not hers.   We have known each other for so long, that we know what buttons to push.  And push the crap out of them.  
   Today I learned that the city bus does not take food stamp cards as payment.   Add them to the list.  I thought I was swippng my bus pass but it kept beeping.  The driver soon said, you can use that card a lot of places, but not here.   As I looked at it, I realized it was my food stamp card not the bus pass.   I must say, it does not work.  
   I also learned that girls wear way less when it is sunny around here.  Yeah me! 
  I just learned, with my girlfreinds daughter, that the tooth fairy leaves $5.00 for a silver capped tooth!   Really?   Dang you internet!    Now who is going to pay the tooth fairy?  

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