Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

Thursday evening I went toward bay park -just outside of Fairhaven and tried to get some
great sunset pictures.  I was not real impressed because of the cloud cover
But some came out kool.  I was going to smoke a cigar while on the bay
But decided to save my last cigar at the moment, till I land a job.
At the tracks I again dared fate and followed
along them.

I must say that some neat stuff can be found down the tracks, but it is always a little un nerving to be on the tracks somehow.  Freighter trains are loud and can be heard well before they reach you.  But Amtrak is fast and super quiet!

Tree hideaway by the bay

 With dark coming quickly I did not have to much time to roam.  But enjoyed the view as always.  I even found this great burial shrine complete with an awesome crocked tree, great view, and a huge beer bong!  

Maybe a little to close to this train?

Don't let the conductors catch you near the tracks.  They like to yell.  Or point at one of the many signs near the tracks--clearing stating to keep off!   Many camp sights are along this part of the bay.  Although many of the campers are probably homeless, what better view to wake up to each morning?   When I have more daylight I will explore further up.  There is a very old and kool tunnel around a few more bends.  I recall braving it and going through it one morning.  Not the best idea by far, but sure gets the heart pumping.   As your mind flashes to the bridge/train scenes in Stand by Me.  The tunnel leaked a lot, and the deeper you get inside, the darker it gets as well as more soggy.   And you try to determine if a train were to come, how fast you could run through the muck.  Or if there was enough room to stand off the track, way up against the rock walls, and just let the train wizz past you!   About halfway into the tunnel.  Far enough to be fully worried, but also far enough that an easy escape is not practical from either side.  You start hearing noises that have to be a train.     Long story short-- We lived, and on the other side are some awesome tide pools to explore. 

      Friday evening I took my girlfriends kids up to campus.   We have learned that it is a great place to wear them out.   Among the wide walkways or even on the grade A track.   This night the mother needed some free time.  And I chose the trails to the observation tower.  You can walk a road all the way up to the tower, but that is very boring.

View from the top
  And it is way more fun to roam around the mud and the trees.  Many trails roam around the mountain side.  One leads to the tunnel I have talked about before.  Most have tree structures on.   They are each unique and pretty neat to look at.  From the tower you can take in all of Bellingham Bay and beyond.  It is defiantly worth walking the many many stairs.  Plus from the tower down -it is all mostly down hill to your car. 

    We some how ended up on the complete other side of the mountain.  And the kids actually seemed to be worn out for once.  Until we neared a bus stop right beside a park.   They suddenly had all kinds of energy again.  Even the night the 7 year old ran almost a mile on the track, one with me also running.  I believe I was the only one that was worn out   which is wrong on so many levels.

Wheres the pot o gold?

    Saturday we went to the St Patricks day parade.   This year was the 2nd annual one, so not a huge crowd, but a very nice show up of people.  The rain even stopped for the parade.  And it was far better than we had figured it would be.   The parade ended at Boundary Bay with there beer garden full of events and good spirits I am sure.  
    One St Patty's day I helped a co-worker experience his first green beer.  He is more into the mellow bars if any bar.  And the ones here are nothing resembling mellow on that night.  Boundary Bay was packed.  And following the bagpipers in kilts, was the other half of Bellingham drinkers.  Great performance, but alas, no green beer to be found!   So we some how ended up at the Royal.  It was very slow that night.   And we soon disappeared upstairs.   They had green beer, and it was cheap.  So it was win win!  The person I was with, keeps it all together with a cocktail of drugs, so we had to time his beer consumption between pills.   Which made the night all the more interesting. 
9/11 funded
Not only do I ride the short bus to work, I drive it!


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