Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day Everybody

    **"Darn it's almost Valentines and I forgot to find me a girlfriend again!"--Fry, Futureramma
   **" Love is giving someone the power to break ur heart... but trusting them that they wont.♥ "
  **""Nah, we don't celebrate it. Don't know who St. Valentine was, don't give a sh*t, and doubt he wants people screwing in his memory."---Sh*t My Dad Says websight
  So if you have read any of my seldom helpful posts, pre Valentines day, you might wander what I did to celebrate.   We actually had a calm day around the house.  I sent our song to her via e-mail.  An enduring heart felt 50 Cents-B*tch get in my car.  Than after downing some coffee, went on a jog.  The jog we will get back too.   We hung around the house un-packing more.   I slacked some more by posting some anti V-times posts online.   I than stayed out of an argument with someone that I have little to no respect for by hiding out in the bedroom.  Soon I braved the big, light flickering wind storm and roamed out on a mission to find kitty litter. 

Wyoming Love card?
    The sweetest gal I know got a single purple flower, her favorite color for some reason.   At least her favorite color isn't gold.  A heart shaped cheesecake.  And hrs of my best in bed.   OK, two out of three isn't bad!  
    Best thing, besides my girl friend I have seen today
PRINCETON, NJ—Contraceptive manufacturer Trojan unveiled its new line of “No One’s Pleasure” condoms Wednesday, the first prophylactic specifically designed to intensify sexual dissatisfaction among bitter and resentful couples.

Me striken' a pose behind the tree??

  Back to today's jog.   I have to say the trails are amazing around here.  Mainly thier is a big difference between walking and jogging.  I am very out of shape is the cliff notes to all of this.  And my feet now hate me.  

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