Thursday, February 24, 2011

   First off I would like to ask my 1.5 readers to take a look at the following pictures.   I take pictures alllll the time and these are my favorites so far.   I am wondering if I blow the pictures up and frame them if they would be possibly worthy to sell?   My problem right now, is that I have to many ideas started.  Many started --none finished.   Most are even good to great ideas, I just need more time in the day, or more coffee!   I would post all the pictures on here, but speaking of being lazy...    I can't even finish a sentence.   Here's the link instead.   Let me know what yha think!  
    I have mentioned before the contrasts of storms here in Washington compared to my home state in Wyoming.  Most of us from Wyoming would love for a little Al Gores global warming to actually kick in.  In Washington after about three inches of snow, everyone freaks out and the schools close.  Every seen that 4x4 commercial   were the guy looks in the air and sees ten snow flakes drop?   Everyone goes in instant panic mode.  That is how it is here.  I find it overly amusing.  And watch the morning news for a good laugh.   I do have to see the wind off the bay here today was amazingly chilly!   I was roaming around trying to get a few snow shots.  And noticed how choppy the water was down on the bay.   Not realizing the wind was what was making it so enjoyable to behold.   Soon my ears were close to going numb.  And I warmed up at the Fairhaven terminal.   I must say in my travels, that this is the nicest Grayhound station I have ever been in.  You don't have to worry about being maimed and or raped with a toothpick while you warm up or wait for the bus.   Although I believe the Fairhaven bus/train/hot air balloon terminal is actually in Bellingham.
    The streets here are overly confusing.  You can be going down one street, it angles to the right, and is suddenly named something else.   The town is surprisingly easy to get around though once you get used to some rules.  I will not spoil it for you by telling you the rules.  I go by landmarks not street names to get around though.  It is said, by the people that say things, that Bellingham is a mesh mash of four  towns smooshed into one.  Thus the confusing smooshiness!  But people say a lot of things.  
    Hike/running trails are equally confusing around the area.  Partly because of the smooshing and partly because to make full benefit of all of the park land, trails meander through residential streets and allys.   Often time losing the hiker.   By reading and viewing the local trail maps, I am not sure anyone really understands the trail system at all.    But I am no way knocking any of the trails here.  They are maintained expertly.   No matter were they may take you.  

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