Friday, July 31, 2015

50 Shades Of Bordom


    **The kiddos all went back to school today. And everyone rejoiced!! Except maybe the teachers.----   I do have to wonder why and when it was decided that kids should go back to school on a Thursday.   I know it has been a long vacation- and they want to ease the kids back into the groove of things, but crash course of starting back on  a Monday seems best to me. 

  The "K" key on my key board is sticking and does not produce a letter most of the time it seems.  I am sitting here trying to think up words that do not use the letter  but obviously am not doing very well at this. 

     Where are you Exploring today? Please check out my local Arizona page full of pictures.

           This has been a super nerve racking --expensive---stress full--annoying month for us.   I still have several stories to tell from this month.  Including a new one from yesterday, about beyond poor "mechanics"  My first sign should have been that he was the person my mother in law uses.  But he was willing to do the work for free.  Something that after all of our shop visits this month, required.   Also another sign....    I also still have the story about getting home very late one night   after getting a ride from someone that needed to chop up Smarties candies and smoke them on the way home.   *Might or might not have been what he was smoking......   Anyways, these stories are for another day.   Spoiler alert    they are crazy and fully true.   As always even I don't have a good enough imagination to make up this crap!    Plus it is 1 30 in the AM  and I am un winding from work.   So on with some lighter thoughts and or jokes y'all!

     Too soon??

It saddens me that I will never look this badass posing in front of Wally World with anything, let alone a goat. Real recognize real

     **"Support local police,   beat yourself up!"**----If you do not understand this,  you are part of the problem

  **"The party is not over until you smile for the mug shot!"**       ;)

                   **"Life is a garden   Dig it!"**-----Joe Dirt

     **"You are never to old to throw random crap into other shoppers carts when they are not  looking!"**

I burrowed this picture from a Wyoming touresum sight 
but I wish I could tae claim to taking it. 

   So with July almost over I was almost amused to hear that the mountains of Wyoming and Montana saw snow a few days back     to soon many of you residents might be saying.  Those people saying that are probably the same ones complaining about the "heat."   I put that in quotes  because I live in the desert.   I grew up in Wyoming and know what cold is   but not to many Wyoming residents know what real heat is.  Anyways to them that say   to soon    I reply with   "Welcome to Wyoming!"


    My wife and I rented 50 Shades Of Grey last night----and I have to say we were majorly disappointed.  What makes it even worse er   is we rented it several daze ago from Red Box and than didn't watch it but kept it hoping to watch it for several more daze.   Than re rented it last night.  So we paid like ten dollars to watch a crummy movie.   There is A LOT of chick flick stuff in this flick.   I seem to recall everyone raving about this movie when it first came out.  And I was ready to repent my sins for a week  just from watching the movie.  But I think the coolest thing about the movie, was seeing all of the sights in the sky scape from Seattle WA.   With a steady back drop of rain for the most part.  As in many cases I am sure the book is ten times better  but I am not willing to waste more time reading the book to find out.  And than the "ending" was 100 leave you wondering   tie in to the next movie.  Something else I hate.  It was painful to watch, and not because of the bondage or spanking scenes.  Totally not worth it   in my eyes.  Three thumbs down.   But what do I know?    I know I need to fix the "k" button on my computer or stop using it.  


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