Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Don't Tread On Me---Yo!


                        *"If you hate anyone because of your faith. You are doing it wrong."**

             Hello to one and all this fine afternoon.   It is trying to rain here---and so far trying is the key word.   At first the clouds cooled things off very well.  But now it is just beyond muggy and I am just sitting here typing and dripping with sweet.  I do not think it applies as a dry heat when --it is so muggy and sticky out.  I find I am still getting used to my new schedule at work, and although I have a long list of things to do and Honey Do's around the house, none of them seem to be getting done on my daze off work.  I just want to slack and enjoy not running around the restaurant in a panic --short on worker/always kind of way.   Holding my tray up all night long really is much harder than it seems.  Especially because the whole time I am doing this, I am also attempting to please all of my customers.   The last few days we have also been extremely short handed on workers   so the experience is even more tiring for the workers and the customers.  But after eight years at Wally World--there is not much left that can phase me   customer wise.  ;)

    "......Like a wrecking ball!" ----   There is a newer country song right now all about the husband being away from home to long  and coming home to greet his wife in every room of the house.  OK song--and maybe something to try to live up to, but actually pretty graphic.  I find it amazing that the local stations have no issues playing this song on the radio, all of the time.  BUT  they each have issues playing --and have even banned the country song talking about "loving a girl."  If one actually listens to the song, it has nothing to do with lesbian love.  And with all of the latest court rulings and such---passing gay marriage nation wide--if we are really such a "progressive nation" why would a song about lesbians even cause anyone to bat an eye?  Even if it is a country song.  How is that tolerating lesbians?  Protesting and objecting to everything makes you fall for anything.   More on this in another blog post for sure. 

                               Me with some hottie I know. Pssst don't tell my wife

        ** Long day of learning we can't afford a time share---in Phoenix. As in messing with the dealers and getting our free stuff! I think my best line was after we viewed so many amazing condos across the country they have to offer--and than as we were leaving when I said that my wife and I were spending the night in a Motel 6. Or when April kept saying that her and I preferred separate vacations. Apart from each other. The Realtor seemed sure we needed counseling.**----I have to say for a few minutes--we did actually think about becoming time share owners.  Especially while we were retelling our many extra bad experiences in cheap motels.  And than the price range came out on the table.  The initial down payment was more than we paid for our last two cars --combined.  With kids and all still at home, this is definitely not in the cards at the moment.  Probably ever actually.  It was all fun--except for the heat outside.  And we ended up with some really kool free prizes.  Quite a few prizes in fact.  Including a stay for all of us in one of there fine motels and condos.  O la la!

We should have planned betterer and started a big fake argument in front of the sales people.

I know these people are just doing there job but it was still fun to mess with them, to get out of town, to be with my wife, and of course to get the free stuff!

Now that the rainbow crowd has full rights on marriage the courts have opened the flood gates on the back door of legal. The guy already in Montana that is suing the courts for not be legally allowed to marry all of his wives because that is what he believes in and loves. Wyoming people supposedly love sheep should they be allowed to marry one? The catholic preacher loves little boys, should he now be legal to marry one or two? My friend who has been single for years, maybe wants to marry his left hand. Where will it stop where should it stop. Golf clap idiots.---Again more on this on a later date. 
       I think the most annoying part of the whole trip yesterday--especially for my wife---was the handicapped bathrooms she found all trip long.  Because of a recent foot surgery she is temporarily in a wheelchair/electric cart.  BUT at some point-in the distant future,  she will always need a wheel chair.  When we stopped at the rest area -just before Phoenix----   She could not get into the woman's restroom on her own.  Than after finishing her business, she could not reach the button to open the door again, from her seated position.   Luckily this was in the middle of the day--- and the place was busy, so someone soon came along to let her out of the restroom.   But what if she was travailing by herself ---stopping at the rest area in the middle of the night?  Would she just be sitting banging on the inside of the door, until someone came to rescue her?  Or would she attempt to stand up, and make her escape.  Easily causing more damage to her foot.  I thought rest areas had to follow state and federal guidelines for such things?   Do the guidelines come from people that have never been on crutches or in a wheel chair?   Later in the day we stopped at a local Target store.   The provided electric carts where all super sized large.  Probably because most of the people that use these carts are not actually handicapped, but super sized -themselves.  The large--store provided cart, would not fit through the door into the restroom.   It was like pushing a star peg into a square whole.   Needless to say, she did not use that restroom.   Much later in the day we ended up at Hobby Lobby----and there was no door on the handicapped restroom stall.   Not really an issue in a men's potty---but a little bit bigger one in a woman's.  I believe my wife was yelling something about ---if she was going to pee in a spot that wide open, she would pee outside in the parking lot, as she excited the bathroom.   This is just three examples from a few hours in one day.   How are handicapped people not complaining on a daily bases---or is anyone actually listening to them?   Please note I almost typed---why don't handicapped people ban together and stand up against this.   Almost. 
     On the way home we had planned to stop at the large casino just out of Phoenix.  It is the last place I have won a larger amount of cash at.  But we ran out of time that day.  And my wallet rejoiced!   We did end up at Ikea.  Huge store, so it really is hours of fun.   I am sure my wife was more than happy that she was in the electric cart there.  Although we did buy her a pillow to put under her butt before leaving the huge store. 

    Another mini rant----I have been slacking on these in the last few weeks. 

My mini vent for today----Round I So I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday----don't ask, don't tell and was very very sad to see an entire section of Christmas crap already up and for sale! TOO SOON! And I love Christmas. The kiddos are not even back to school yet, and I just found this overly depressing actually. Soon Christmas items will just be up for sale all year long. People were actually buying the items too---which is why they were up for sale----people will buy it all year long. Stop the insanity boycott buying any such items before at least October.

Above the Colorado River
in the middle of The Grand Canyon.
Where are you Exploring today??
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    **I had to work tonight but I would like to thank all the random people on the way to Tucson that shot off fireworks. The displays were great! And made me feel a lil betterer about working all night and not getting to blow stuff up at home.**----I actually worked most of the 4th of July weeksend it seemed.   The casino I work at has there anniversary of opening during that long week.   So there are more activities planed than normal.  I hope everyone in  reader land had an amazing long weekend.  And stayed safe. 

And now your moment of Zen....

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