Thursday, July 16, 2015


     As always hello to everyone!   I just posted part three of my Exploring to The Grand Canoyon and behond on my local sight this early evenining.   Going through amazing Flagstaff and beyond.   Please take a look around at

**This is my newest Exploring page for sure   FULL of Arizona Exploring and pictures!   In fact we talk tonight more about my amazing trip to The Grand Canyon.  All be it more amazing that I survived than anything!   My first Exploring page talks a little bit about everything.  From me tweaking out on people to coffee love!   Check it out at       This very page always needs your support and love. So please share it!    And my local Benson Arizona page is always full of my ramblings and thoughts.  Especially tonight  where I am in rare form of annoying   well, everyone!    Take a look, join, and comment.   Last but not least for sharing  and shameless plugs tonight is my personal Facebook page   full of jokes, Exploring, and gallons of coffee love   at 
When I was not working at all   I found I had time for many such web sights.  Now I have time keeping up with them all.  But they are all Mine.   I hope you enjoy.   As I said   I was in rare form    even for me and my mopey self on several of my sights tonight.   I will share some on here, but to read it all     AND the replies  please click on the links above. 

         Do you know what crickets sound like??? I do when you ask a manager questions he can't answer you get silence lots of silence followed by the sound of chirping crickets. like sleeping outside in the summer. MANY times when I actually ask questions or speak logic on this very sight I hear crickets it is both calming and annoying at the same time.-----I have heard this sound many a time.  Most noticeably when my dumb ass signed up to do a full remodel of one of the Wally World stores I worked at.   I thought it would be enjoyable   but it was far from that!   At one point I had what I thought would be an easy question for management, and it took 12 members of management over an hour to not answer me  what  so ever!    Thus I heard lots of crickets!!

My mini vent for tonight SO my wife and I have meet many amazing people in Benson and we truly are better people for meeting them. BUT on the same note we can n...ot believe how many people here seem to "know" all about us without never once have meet us. We have heard some strong cautions and such about the local Mormons---but you know what NONE of them have ever cause us to bat an eye. They visit us all the time, we BBQ for them--talk---share scripture they even took us in when we were looking for a new church. We did not stay with there church but even when I argued every possible angle of what they believed in, they did not condemn us. The local supposed Christians and such I can not speak so kindly for. Most seem instantly ready to condemn us or bad mouth us. How do I know they are Christians? there FB page says it all over! How can you claim to be a follower of a loving God when you are so easily angered? Please note I have studied almost every aspect of religion before you answer Please also note that Jesus was eternally hateful and spiteful while he hung on the cross and is deff. for not giving 2nd chances or seeing all sides of an issue. ;)    But what do I know??

Last question for tonight What do you think of Sheriff Joe??? I am not an AZ native but LOVE almost everything he stands for and I have read about him. I have not met many fans though from AZ or beyond.
When did we in AZ become such wusses? Our neighbor recently stole from us, didn't give anything back, than got a restraining order on me, when I asked for our crap back. In the real days of AZ we used to hang people for much much less WTF? really Sheriff Joe rocks!----Of you do the time be prepared to do the time!

  Kind of old news   but if you know    please tell me...

So I was trying not to go into specifics on this----BUT last summer over some complete BS a neighbor POS decided to place a restraining order on me, on the same day I got it, I placed a nice post on this very page. And was found guilty of breaking the restraining order. Even though it was perfectly fine and legal to post a huge sign in out front yard about the same neighbors. Anyways, I am still paying on that huge infraction of my freedom of speech. My question now is-------- Now that the restraining order has expired on me, can I now again post freely????

That was one heck of a storm last night!! I was out puddle jumping in our redneck pickup until I ended up at Wal Mart. Where the workers were literally using squeezes to keep the water out of the lobby of the store. I have never seen such a sight.   And I have seen a lot of things from Wally World!  Including a wedding inside the store   with the Mc D's arches as a back drop.


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