Monday, July 20, 2015

Karma Or Ka Ka??

      **"I am starting to realize why they sell enemas in two packs! And all this time I thought it was so you and your honey could do it at the same time. Date night revisited! ---- Life just keeps getting better and betterer minus the better."**  ;)

   **"The voices in my head are telling me things that I wouldn't even post!"

    **"Disappointment    (Noun)    ---- Running into a wall with an erection, and breaking your nose.  "**

   After another long, frustrating, and hot day---I have some time to relax on our front deck. 

It is starting to cool off very nicely outside ---this just means it is time for the biting bugs to come out in full force!  I believe in God and everything that goes with Him.  Doing good will reflect his image and will pay off in the future  etc.  I would like to say that Karma is a bunch of Ka ka---but over the last few years I am starting to think it is also some poo I have messed with way to much in the past, some how.   Like I was a baby killer in a past life or something horrible.  I would like to think that I have beyond paid off my bad deeds of the past  including my time as a no it all teenager, and my years and years working at Wally World.  But cosmically bad things happen to us ALL the time.  Like in twice a week, it seems.  
      Plus after watching "My Name Is Earl"   on Netflix, I might  "believe" in it just a little bit more.  The whole show is about how if you continue to do good things, good things will happen to you.  Earl realizes this after a life of being evil and than winning the lotto.  As he is holding up the winning ticket, he gets knocked out cold by a speeding car.   He losses the ticket.   In the hospital he makes a huge list of all the people that he has wronged.  And each episode he helps one of the people enough that he feels he can cross them off his list.  If he skips a week, bad things start to happen again.  But each time he crosses a name of his list  he helps better himself in the process  AND usually something good happens to him.   Like one week, he finds the winning lotto ticket again, just floating in the wind.  Great --must see TV  probably not, but you might get bad luck if you miss to many episodes.   Good TV  that might actually teach more than it harms---sure!

               So, all of that said,   just last week my wife and a friend were attempting to drive to LA for some clinical test at the hospital.  60 miles out  our car needed to go in a shop.  And was resembling Old Faithful, of sorts --but spewing engine coolant.  Our cars in shops is nothing new for sure--except that we really thought we had a decent car this time around.   She spent all day in the shop----and than they said that the car was almost done, and that they had pressure checked all of the new parts.   My wife paid  a large amount --while they finished up, and waited to get back on the road.   At some point  soon after the mechanic cranked the engine, we learned that they had blown the entire engine on the car.  And the car was now spouting engine coolant out of the exhaust pipe.   It was also --what I like to refer to as a huge paper weight.  The shop would not give our cash back, nor take the blame for the car blowing up.   My wife was not happy  and let the mechanics know  this.   At one point, the shop owner, who didn't really know any English, learned enough to call the cops.   He apparently should have learned more English, or learned how to be more honest, because the police took the shop owner to jail for the night over it all.   We can sue the mechanics   in fact the police greatly encouraged this, but at the moment we are out the car and the vehicle. 

  Also lately    also drama  and maybe some Karma mixed in  but defiantly much more entertaining for everyone involved....

True Benson Story: So after hours yesterday of an admin. of another local sight attempting to run my name into the ground--- she offered to meet up with me to discuss our issues with each other. Telling me she is at the city park all the time for baseball practice, and that "she could hold her own" whatever that means. At some point my wife got involved in the conversation with this fine woman. And the other woman also invited my wife to come meet her. Edging us both on -online even mocking us for not showing up at the ball park. She even told us that she was sitting behind the 3rd base line. SO we showed up at the park--- My wife went up to the woman--shook her hand and said "My name is April Adams glad to finally meet you." Instantly the woman panicked and kept yelling that my wife needed to get away from her! What happened to just talking? She than needed her buddy--an off duty cop, to step in and threaten to have my wife arrested if we did not leave the public park. We just wanted to talk and ask yet another person how they "know" all about us without even meeting us. What a joke. Anyways short story --boring, We have now decided that we are going to become avid baseball fans! See you at the park----!

Kind of explains a huge part of America right now    and maybe why so many other
countries are making fun of us and wanting to bomb us.
 On the same thought line is the -although I can not prove how true all of this is   The time line for the White House in many key events in the last few weeks.
Supposidly with in hours of gay marriage being legal, the lights outside the house shone rainbow on the White house.   But they never turned to red, white, and blue on the 4th of July.  And it took five days for the flags to be lowered at the White House after those marines were shot and killed  instead of instantly  or even the next day.  
Old Glory should be at the top of the pole no matter what flag flies next.
Although I am sure history would show an evil side to this great flag to.

If cold and buffalo and woman voting offend you   this flag may well tick you off too!


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