Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm not Lion

                                               **"Drink coffee and brew on!"**

                                **"According to my cholesterol level I am a pizza!"**

                     **"Don't argue with someone that can type faster than you...."**

                                              **"Screw you    I am hilarious!"**

      Good early morning to y'all!    This is a new experience for me, because I am up very early  or up very late however you wish to look at it.  That is not the new part---but I am up early typing a blog post with out a gallon or three of coffee in my hand!   Yesterday I had one of those  killer headaches all day long.   The type that if you move or see day light  you feel like you are going to puke.  So I spent more than a fair part of the day curled up in the fetal position in bed trying desperately not to move or to have to pee.  All of that non moving soon lead me back to sleep.  Between getting up to pee.   And I have found that -at least for now  sleep is a lost cause.  I have a later work night tonight, so will have to get some sleep in I suppose.  I think that soon, since the sun is slowly rising over the sleeping desert that I will learn how to write more poetically.   Actually I was really thinking that I would snap some pictures around Benson for a post on my local Exploring sight.  About living here three years now.  Mostly my new thoughts on the town we reside in and my favorite pictures  than and now.   I just re posted the Benson blog about first thoughts of the town.   First published about two months after we moved here.   Check it out  and all the other local pictures and Exploring   Where are you Exploring today?
All local pictures and Exploring

    Did you know you can be a bi curious drug user by watching others do drugs and wanting to do them to but doing them by association and a wish to do so but not by actually doing so?? Me either! Gotta love Benson, AZ meth logic it's a real thing!----    So the other night I was talking and mostly arguing with someone I refer to as "Angry Hippie"  I have meet a lot of hippies in the past  and have never meet one even close to as angry as he is all of the time.  Kind of ruins the peace and love mortality of a hippie  but ok.  Anyways last night he tried to tell me that my wife did drugs.  Long story short  she is on a pain contract with her doctor and any drugs in her system would make her loose her awesome doctor.   When I kept asking him --he came back with the above story.  I had never heard of such a thing before.  And probably never will again either.   If you go by this drug use, than by association I was  a drug user while I lived in Oregon.  Because lots of people around me did weed.   Dam hippies!   Benson AZ meth logic is a new logic I am still trying to explain I will write much much more about this. Possibly only after getting very high.....  The logic or lack of it appears on my local page all of the time.   And than as soon as I use regular logic, the conversation usually seems to stop. 

I always enjoy a great sign!

     Speaking of all of the above   this was my post online last night after talking to some more great residents of this town.   The fun never ceases here.  But between all this drama that seems to find us, and my local page online, we really don't ever need cable TV

So sick of this small town. Stand in my house and threatin' to call the cops about a missing game controller after I baby sit your kid all day to make sure he doesn't steal from me-again? Classic meth town logic.

Yeah  I am one.
Just had a bowl or two actually.
We went through this a few years ago
when my wife told her friend that our daughter was
born in New Mexico.
Her friend seemed amazed and kept asking
if our daughter needed a green card and items like that.
Lots of sheeple out there!
If you have to look it up   you might be one.
You will probably also not believe you are one and continue on the way you are.
I like to think that most of my readers are very
Speaking about the lion....
As usual I don't have 100 % of the facts but darn near so. Isn't the whole point of hunting to hunt? Yeah something shouldn't be killed cruelly. Wait---that's exactly what planned parent hood and abortion clinics across the nation are doing... So the same cruel freedom that protects these mothers does not protect the lion hunter? Worry about the real issues folks like the 22 parents already that have been reported leaving there kids in hot cars. AND what is really going on --while we as a nation keep getting distracted by flags, homos, and Subway workers.

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