Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Free Lobotomy's When You Vote For H Clinton

Your adventure awaits!
Although your adventure may not be in Benson, Arizona
this picture was takin' there.

        While this very page keeps getting more and more views, it is also full of posts.  Posts by me.   That is why I am always so happy that so many people come to this page.  To read what I put on paper.   Because frankly    many times I don't even want to read what I put on paper!   At any rate thank you all!    My local, picture filled Exploring blog page is also greatly gaining daily in the view department.
   Please check out the page.   Many new posts and pictures are in the works for both pages!
   Maybe even a post on both this early morning if I continue to not be able to sleep. 

    **My sleep schedule is SO out of whack right now. Wish I could go back to workin' mornings but I would be beyond dragging butt the first week or so.----After typing this  hours ago online   I still find myself not wanting to go to sleep. 

   I have a lot of pages and such online.   From when I was not working  and had way to much free time.   Many of them are still constant  fun   at least for me.   One I am on way to much  and that seems to have a little of everything   is     Please check it out.   It is hard to leave the page with out laughing a time or three.   It is also the easiest way to contact me.   As all of my pages,  this page loves haters!   So tell me what you really think about anything I post.   And let me have it about what you think of my blog pages.   Few people actually comment   but every comment is helpful to me.   Sometimes just because your thoughts make me laugh and laugh and laugh!   I am happy to say that all of my pages have a large readership.  Heck I even have a local page on Facebook that has more members than residents in this small Arizona town!   Although I have to admit most of them just stay on the page to see what topic I will bring up next  and to make sure I don't bring up there names in any conversations.   It was recently brought up to me on my local page, that I should write a weekly newspaper for the area.  Full of whats what ---ads--sale items and of course my local pictures.  Although I believe anyone --including YOUR pet box turtle could write a betterer paper than the local one, I do not believe this is something I would ever actually do.   But it is fun to talk about and flattering that several local people suggested I do so.   I also know for sure, if I ever decided to write a local paper  readership would be record breaking.   Just in residents making sure I did not bring them up in any way in the latest addition.  ;)   
      Ask me if you would like to roam my local page  and join in on the conversations.   I do have to admit that although my local page involves sharing pictures, selling things, listing current events and so much more    a big part of it seems to be me bringing up topics that might annoy local people.  Or me sharing my views on other peoples posts.   One of the most fun parts of the page right now, is that I have added my good buddy to the page.   And we both talk up a good conversation with the locos.   Many residents think we are the same person, and I use his Facebook page   to continue drama and such.  So we have been attempting to stop that theory. 
Got safari hats!?
My last attempt at proving all this    although I am still not sure why
I care what most of them believe----was a long winded explanation on MY page
with pictures of him and I together.
One such was this relic.
It shows us both "happily" working at Wally World  waaaaay back when.
It is easily the worse picture I have from Wally World.
But only because I have no pictures of the wedding that took place inside of one of the stores we worked at.
Complete with the Mc D's arches as the ceremony back ground and
the new couple ridding out of the store on
electric carts with "just married" signs on the back.
True freakin' story!
I have talked about this before  although I try not to.
So for the full story     check my past blogs. 
I am already starting to re live the "event" in my head.
           Another classically bad Wally World picture.  **Although I did not take this one**
                               Is this banner up in your local Wally World yet? 

 Anyways, I did have a point to this long winded paragraph----Surprise!    I know this even surprises me more than a little bit.  
    I have a grand plan for all of my pages.  Local and otherwise.   Especially since they have such a readership.   This plan involves selling my Exploring pictures as farmable greeting cards.  I   hopefully soon, will have my own web sight, not on Facebook    to order  and or view the pictures.   In an attempt to organize my MANY pictures, I have been trying to go through them all.   From my computers and directly from my blog pages.   It is a huge task.  Made huger   because I quickly get distracted and lost in the pictures.   ALL the great times.  A picture really is worth 1000 words   at least.  

    Busy getting tons of new pictures.   This is in Benson Arizona.   The lines   beside my shadow head   are an outline for another great painting   on the side of a local business 

The picture is going up amazingly fast 
and this one is up on the side of the local art
studio   ran by the artist of many of the local wall art wonders.
I have not ventured into the store yet.
I also want to talk to the artist  but although he seems to
welcome visitors and even stop painting while they are talking to him
I really don't wish to bug him.
Not the best pictures   but this is an inside view of one of the local
and very famous caves in the area.
Last shot of mine for this early day.
Hard to believe this is the desert.
The monsoon season is in full blast right now  and is expected to run into October this year.
Never have I seen this part of Arizona so green.
And now that y'all have suffered through my random rambling and pictures
Some jokes  to wake you back up!
I am well aware that most of America is not fully awake
of things going on right around them.
But at least in my eyes, you have had to have had a lobotomy to want to vote for H Clinton.
No matter you views on the soon coming presidential mess 
That is funny right there!
I have not mentioned for awhile  
awhile as in, so far this blog post
How much I love coffee!
And people that are sad that they paid for lousy tasting coffee.
I have to stop and mention here, that this post is greatly amusing  BUT
did you also notice how dirty this gentleman's under shorts are?? 
Can you even imagine how un clean his junk must be.  Logically??
That said  I am not sure how needed this tattoo really is. 
But the post made me laugh   and than get sad about how small my junk may be.
It made me laugh and than I "borrowed" the post!

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