Tuesday, August 11, 2015


      This very page is getting very close to 40, 000 views!   Thank you all.   I would say no one cares, but for whatever reason people keep coming back to read this page.  And I know all of those repeat visitors can't be my mother.  Maybe half of them.  I am sure a good deal of the readers are family and friends making sure that I do not make to much fun of them.  My local Exploring page is gaining the views to for sure.  And I have been out again getting many more pictures and ideas for future posts to that great sight.  Please keep checking back    

 Where are you Exploring today?
All local pictures and Exploring

So many trails 
So little time!

     St David is a small community --yes even smaller than Benson, just down the road from us.  I have been visiting the town more than usual.  Not only because several of the people that dislike us the most on my local page--live there.  In fact I have a full picture filled blog post from the town on the above link.  Yesterday I had some free time in St David after some errand running  and got some neat pictures.  Around the cemetery and I found an old abandoned city park.   Pretty kool  with all of the equipment and bbq's and such  just lots of grass and weeds growing through everything.  Just a little bit spooky too.  Pictures to come of course.

About time for some BBQ Fall Out Boy concert tonight with Joseph at the AVA tonight. Ruff day off indeed.----Post from Sunday afternoon.   Joseph got to pick any up coming concert he wanted to see at the casino where I work, as a late birthday present.  And Sunday's was the one he wanted to go to.   This time around we escaped getting rained on, although it was really trying to rain several times during the night.  Pictures to come of course. 

     **"Having sex in an elevator is  wrong on so many levels!"**

  **There's this cool trick I do where I post whatever I want, because this is my account/page  Not yours!"**

  **"I didn't do it  --- You can't prove it ---- Nobody saw me---  The sheep are lying."**

     **"Ever wonder how long you can re post a strangers FB posts before they catch on? I have."**

                               **Shut up and let me practice my people skills!"**

** Please note!** :
This page is NOT a supporter of Benson meth logic!
You don't have to be a user to use it. 
I think I am going to put this on bumper stickers. Would you buy one??---- So I have a local page here in Benson AZ     to sell or buy things  post current events or vent about annoyances.  I am very good at the last part.   People do not usually enjoy my vents   --supposedly   but the page has over 1600 members.  Not bad for a super small town.  I have found when I argue logic with members---I do not get regular logic back  in any terms of the word.   And have started to call this logic  of sorts  Benson meth logic.   Simply because a lot of people here like meth  and it makes you far less logical than you might think.  Of course the residents do not like this.

      Blasting people who post mini rants and then get angry when other people have opinions.
Conversations can happen without insults. I know, it's a new concept to some.
Here's a picture of a kitten post away

                                     I did not write this but find it amusing:
so this blast is blasting the rodents who ambushed me tried to assassinate me. I thought their actions were that of a lone individual but my fears have been confirmed the Rats have created an alliance with beavers solely driven by the fact they are both rodents and by nature love and need to chew but they are chewing at the fabric of our reality allowing creatures from other dimensions to come through to our reality literally I woke... up today to find a "Hell Buffalo" which is defined as a Buffalo in hell, its soul is damned it was killed by the white man. But I awoke to the Hell Buffalo breathing down my neck snorting steam I was like oh shit the rats and beavers must both be chewing at the fabric of our realities to allow this to happen. To make things worse I may or may not have inhaled a massive amount of non-toxic glue

At long last the mystery is solved!
I can't understand regular math...
I keep bringing this topic up
because it is hot and
because it KEEPS happening some how.
But I finally found a picture that explains it how it is.
This page has something for everyone.
Unless you believe our gun rights should be
greatly restricted.  Than you might not like this  page.
Lots of new pictures while roaming around Benson a few daze back.

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