Sunday, August 30, 2015


     Hello all!   I am sitting on our car port watching another storm roll  into the area.  The monsoon storms can be equally as cooling, as amazing.  Although some times the winds and such get very nasty and everyone retreats into the safety of the house.  This is not always true either it seems.  A big storm came through last week and one of our big windows blew in and shattered all through the house.   This post has takin' me awhile  because I have been sipping coffee and arguing with idiots on another local page of mine on Facebook.  More of this will slip into a future blog post I am sure.  My work schedule keeps changing  although it usually includes Monday's off work.  We are so short on workers right now, that the new schedule does not seem to be posted until the day the old schedule expires.   So I was very happy to learn upon arriving at work last night, that last night was my Friday!  


**Bragging your a big shot in Benson Arizona is like braggin' about being Obama's cousin. Unless you sell lots of drugs of course. **

                        **"You are never to old to learn something     stupid!"**

      **"Why is there always money for war  but never for education?"**---I am not going to turn this post into anything political today  but a good question for sure.   All I wish to say right now is it appears to me that Trumps hair is actually alive!

                                            **"My blood type   is coffee!"**

            Where are you Exploring today?
   My Exploring page is starting to get tons of views.  Thank you all for this!   Please take a look around this page.   New posts and pictures are in the works. 

     Sunset over the AVA and where I work.   Tucson, Arizona    Where are you Exploring today?

           Wally World dog toy stockings last year. Just look wrong to me. Anyone else?

   I strongly believe that any time of year the only things that should taste like Pumpkin are pumpkin pie and maybe pumpkins!!


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