Monday, August 17, 2015

More Roaming Around Laid Back Benson, Arizona

        **Another Exploring post first published in my newest blog series.  Pictures and Exploring all across amazing Arizona.   Please check the page out!!    **

       Welcome friends and new comers!   For what little to do there is in Benson, I am always amazed at the huge variety of pictures even a short walk around town can offer.  This post offers some shots I got last week while roaming around the bustling downtown mostly.   I am still working on a post of my favorite local shots from the past and now to mark living in this great town for three years now.    This page is always looking for more readers, so PLEASE share the link.   And I hope you enjoy!!

As always Mr Butch was more than ready to tag along
to Explore on this fine day.
Once again we pulled into the road just before Denny's   that
dead ends just past the motels. 
I have several posts from this area.
And the many pictures always come out varied and great.
When we crossed the first wash
I could not believe how green the desert was!
A fine Monsoon season ended this year.
Speaking of rain  above the clouds were starting to build
in preparation of the daily afternoon storm.
It seems you have to search for graffiti in Benson.
Some of it I have pictured is actually works of art in there own.
On the look out!
MR Butch spotted this run off  before I did
Took off running and than lunged into the cool water.
It took awhile before he was willing to leave this area.
Water break time for me. 
Than it was time to drop off Butch and roam around down town Benson.
New paint job on a dive bar.
Lots of art work can be found in Benson.
And most of it is truly amazing!
But I have varied thoughts about it all.
It seems that the city's cash could be better spent -easily.
The art down town looks great   and we will visit a lot of it in
this very post.
But is it really going to bring people to Benson?
It is kind of like the paint job above or the remodel of the local
They polished up some real "turds" on the outside
and didn't fix the service or the business.
So soon tourists will continue to drive on!
Just my thoughts   but what do I know.
We have lived here three years now
And I have never seen this store open.
Just from the window---I am sure I could spend hours roaming around this store
if it was ever open.   It looks beyond cool!
Beside still stands the bath salts store.
A very custom shop for such a small town.
But I am happy they are still open and kicking!
Even the BAT bus benches are artful.
The visitors center old train station  new
Greyhound stop  always offers some good information
and pictures.
Explorers of our past.
Place to catch some shade and maybe enjoy lunch.
But not enjoy quiet.
LOTS of trains go through Benson each day for sure.
Canvas for the new cave painting.
Up close on the unpainted side.
Also proof I am busily getting more pictures for this very blog page!
Amtrak station
Memorial park
train passing in the background.
Actual spot of green green grass.
Just beyond the ice cream shop.
More art on the side of the court house.
I do believe my fines alone funded most of this project.
Touched up sign on the side of the Horse Shoe Cafe
Behind the museum   looking in.
A great church oasis
Just down from the church
this cockpit hangs out in some ones yard.
If this is housed outside  
I would love to see what is inside the large white shop.
No clue what this property is or used to be.
But I like it!
Back to our rig to return home.
Parting shot
This is in front of the Benson highway patrol office.
I have been going to get this shot for a year now.
I find it very amusing. 
If a picture is worth a 1000 words...
Apparently Mexico is now near Hell. 
Next post some ST David Exploring!!
And as always


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