Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here Comes The Rain!

              Today has been a rare productive day off work.  Earlier I snuck just up the road and found an actual waterfall in Arizona!   Today it was just a trickle.  But I am not sure with the little pickup I was in today, I could get back out of the location after a big rain storm.  Of course I got lots of pictures.    These will appear soon in my newest local Exploring blog page    http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/       I am happy to report that I am slowly getting more readers for this new page.   Yesterdays post on the page already has 40 views!   Now I am chilling on our car port watching the afternoon storm move in.   Last nights storm did not amount to much in actual rain, but the light show with lighting was amazing!  In my local picture taking I almost wait for rainy conditions  because it cools the whole hike off for sure.  And because the skies here are full on sunshine SOOOO much it is great for some contrast in my pictures.   The exact opposite could be said when we lived in Washington state. 


After living near Phoenix I personally believe there are very few reasons to visit the town ANY time of year. But what do I know?

Productive day for once. Afternoon storm moving in! Tomorrow *except for the DMV is all about date night. Great dinner, maybe some gambling, and than off to the Weird Al concert.

   So with our rigs in and out of the shops mostly in we have been trying to use this vehicle of the relatives. The title is beyond screwed up, but we found a loop hole at the DMV. And only need ONE piece of paper from the relatives to make it legal. THREE weeks now, and we still don't have that ONE piece of paper. Since than I have gotten pulled over by the Highway Patrol and stressed each and every time one of us drives this. Court should be fun. I am writing this long rant because of how ridiculous it is. I can't call into work anymore but have to get there. The same family that wants me to help with our family also can't get me ONE piece of paper. Really WTF? The truck is still in someone elses name. I am about ready to turn it into an abandoned vehicle and back into the original owners/family members problem. How many people agree with this thought line? Because right now we basically have a paper weight!--- I have had a lot of paper weights in my time.  This is to nice a little truck to just give up  but the time line is beyond ridiculous.  On some what a side note   my  buddy "Professor Getty" has volunteered to come this way if we decide to make the truck disappear in the desert some were.   We will baha it into the middle of no were  have an Exploring and I am sure picture filled hike back to his awaiting rental/get away car. 

I have it!
Not sure if this is racist or funny.
But I laughed  so here yha go!

Sounds about right to me!

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