Monday, August 17, 2015


            This very page is so close to 40,000 views and I often wonder why so many people come to this page.   But I do not wonder about it to long or to hard, because I figure if others ponder such things as long as I do, they will wake up and realize what a crummy sight this really is!   Plus all of that thinking hurts and keeps me from blanking out my mind so I can type up the next blog post.   I did something rare for me in the last few months  and left the house to type out an Exploring blog post.  I was going to spend the early morning on a hike into a waterfall near here I have just learned how to get to.  But soon decided even in the early AM it was to Dang hot for that.   I went just up the road to the local Mc Grease Pit  and typed out a picture filled blog Exploring blog post.   Usually, like right now I just venture out to our covered, furniture filled car port and type away.   Check out the new post at

      Next post we Explore around ST David.   Just down the road   minutes from Benson.
I have posted from here before  but found some new wonders.   
    Like this long abandoned city park    Here's a few pictures   to give you a taste of what is to come!

OK  maybe you just really had to be there  but
I thought it was all kool as snuff and sliced bread!
So many trails
So little time!
As always all of the landscape pictures
are my own.

My goodness my local page is hrs. of fun! Especially with my new term of Benson meth logic. To attempt to describe the lack of logic my posts seem to attract. Because of this new term ten people now have accused me of doing drugs. Sounds like more Benson meth logic to me.....    I will soon also explain this lack of logic in examples straight off of arguments from my page.  

Got all my errands done. Having lots of caffeine. Found dinner. Posted Exploring blog post number 1 Bought beer. About time to have a brew or three. Cheers!   ;)   Earlier post from tonight.  Hopefully by now I am just tipsy enough to write up a good blog post for y'all!

    **"There will be no working during drinking hours!"**

              "Someone should just open up a coffee shop in my basement."**
    **"A lot of people that complain about not getting what they deserve-don't know how lucky they are!"**---Alfred E Newman

         **"I am that friend that you have to explain to people before you introduce me...
And apologize  about afterwards."**    And proud of it!  

And from earlier today      
Already 100 outside. Did someone say "Welcome to Arizona!?" Good thing it's only a dry heat......

       A picture really is worth 1000 words. Apparently Mexico is near Hell now....

   This sign is just down the road from us in town.  In front of the Highway Patrol buildings.  I have been wanting to get this picture for over  a year now. 

                                House guest wouldn't let me get on Facebook

Best bumper sticker on my truck!

                                             really do work at an amazing place Both inside and out

Another post or three about some concerts here coming soon!

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