Sunday, August 23, 2015

Just Say No To Decaf!

             Happy day!  Tonight seems to be my Friday at work.  And than I have my regular daze off work, plus one more, a paid day.  If you wish to call it that.  As a server my wage is very low--because we live on tips.  So a paid day off work  keeps the pay check about the same, but does not help much in the tip department.  My beautiful wife and I are sneaking off the Weird Al concert at work on the paid night.  I find it amusing because on the bottom of our work schedules it is printed in bold, that people will not get paid time off on any concert night.  Maybe I am just not a people?  It has been a very long month already so more than ready for the time off.  But more for the time to have some fun.   We had so many vehicle issues last month, I was hoping that there would be none left to have this month.  But that proved to not be true. 

By the time we have reliable road worthy cars---we won't be taking any road trips. Cliff notes I got to hitch hike the rest of the way to work yesterday. Something that is much harder to do than it used to be. But in all fairness I don't think I would pick me up off the side of the road either.
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    **"If you are not supposed to abuse the cough syrup, why does it come with a shot glass?"**

       **"Coffee    because hating your job should be done with enthusiasm!"**

     My newest Exploring page is still looking for more readers.   Explore with us all across Arizona.  Picture filled of course.  New post coming after work tonight from ST David, Arizona.

You didn't see where this one was going did you??
Facebook needs a lot of buttons
but these three seem most important. 
Good times!
I love this one!
Mmmmm coffee!

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