Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back To ST David

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                       Awhile back I had a nice sunny day to roam and ended up in beautiful ST David.       Here is the past post in case you missed it    http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/2013/12/some-saint-david-exploring-beyond.html       For more Exploring locally and all around --and some good old fashioned jokes and name calling please also check out my first Exploring blog sight at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com      We have been finding ourselves in the small town a lot in the last few months.     A few weeks ago I had some free time and managed to sneak off and Explore a little bit more.   I hope you enjoy!

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Although after living near Phoenix for so many years in the past,
I tend to stay far away from this region.
And not visit the area   any time of the year. 
As is the case many a day
the clouds and sky were amazing on this day.
Near the town cemetery
First stop after some errands of course was the
local cemetery. 
I have pictures from great cemetery's all across this great country.
And find them a very peaceful and calming place to Explore.
Sign just past the cemetery.
On this day I did choose to keep out.
Many times I do not follow signs rules.
On the edge of the cemetery  I found a large fenced in area
with what appeared to be the foundations of two very old buildings.
No signs could be found, and I have still yet to solve the mystery of what these buildings once were.
Back in the truck   I spotted this shot while zooming down an old road.
In the wide turn of ST David  by the highway department buildings
just before the trailer park  is a road.
A park sign is falling down near this  proclaiming "Pioneer Park."
I have been down this road with the kiddos before.  But we got bored long before we found any traces of a park.  At that point you could still attempt to drive down the road.
Now it is blocked off just past the fire station. 
Time to park.
Check out that cloud forming to the right of the old fire truck.
At least I hope the truck is not still in use.
Not sure what this is all about 
but thought it was a neat picture of sorts.
Just before the gate  and that start of my walk.
I am very easily amused
but thought these offered a great backdrop.
Wanna swing??  ;)
At some point I came across old Pioneer Park.
Lost in time.
It was almost dark by the time I got here so it was really neat but also just a little bit spooky.
I tried to research the park  but mostly just found articles about the park being haunted.
I later heard that the entire area was a shop classes project.  
I also was told that a lot of druggies hang out here after dark.
I found no evidence of this.
Maybe because it is a good hike into the area and
they are to lazy to meet here.  Maybe I was just lucky to see no one on this night.
So many trails
So little time!!
I have just learned there is a lake   of sorts in Wilcox Arizona 
so will check that out soon.
I have MANY blog posts and pictures in the works!!
As always
**Happy Trails!!**

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