Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Morning !!

     I am finding this early morning that I can not sleep---but I have work again tonight  until late into the night.  So I am attempting to get a blog or two posted and such before I zonk back out and droll all over my pillows.  Last night was another concert at work.  And it was another very busy night.  It was also a long night.   My wife was going to go to the concert --they offered lots of free tickets--but it was Vince Gill.  Don't get me wrong, we both like country music.  But he is just a little bit to whinny or sad or something in his music.  The night before Weird Al was in concert and her and I snuck to the concert.  And it was in fact weird!  But great.  More on that very soon.    On my newest Exploring page ----

Hangin' out in Tucson Arizona.
They paint the balls different colors for each holiday.
I am trying this for real next time we go out.
Will post the result.
Although it might be awhile  we tend not to take our complaints into public.  ;)
But work won't let me wear my helmet.
No matter how special anyone calls me.
This page is free!
And look what you get. 
He too seems to be on the C food diet!
We see food  and than eat it!!
Maybe some light beer  would help cut his gut.
I know that is my new theory.
Again I will get back to you on that one.
True story.
This is amusing.
But the fact that they need this sign is not. 
I believe this works in Arizona also.

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