Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6/2015 Happy New Year---Yo!

                              Rocky Mountains ---cold and purdy!  Below is one of Sheridan, Wyoming's busiest roads.  

                  Hello to all!  I still do not have the pictures up on my computer to share, but I have been talking about going up the local Mt Lemmon to enjoy the snow and or sights.  Apparently the thought of snow is as amazing to all Arizona residents, because I was just reading a news article about how 10,000 people have made the long twisty drive to the snow topped tippy top.  I was more than a little surprised to wake up to almost three inches of snow in Benson.  And I knew that the Flagstaff area saw lots of snow--lots for Arizona.  The last time I was so shocked to see "snow" was years ago when my wife and I were in Viva Las Vegas.   A few flakes fluttered down from the heavens for about a half hour.  All melting upon contact to the still sweltering hot sidewalks.   As everyone was "oooohing" and "Aweing"---like one should when you are driving around looking at Christmas lights.   I was running down the Strip----yelling that the end of the World was coming!   Because it was snowing in Vegas, you see....   Anyways this was before we were supposed to be killed by the Aztecs in 2012, and several other big disasters that have not yet ended the fun of everyone at the same time.  

Again Exploring Sheridan, Wyoming

      Any way you look at it 10,000 people up the mountain, since the first of the year, is a lot of people.  And it seemed like at least half that many where on the mountain Friday when we made the trip.   In fact when we returned to the Tucson Desert floor-- the road up was closed---as in they were letting up people one car at a time.  When one came down, one was allowed to go up.   And the line waiting to go up ---went on for miles.   This either indicates that many people are easily entertained.  Or that it should snow more in Tucson.   Perhaps a lot more ----like the Aztecs predicted would happen in 2015 by the way.   Am I making this up?  Perhaps!   More than likely so, since there calender ended in 2012.  As I have threatened before---more on this trip    with pictures of course coming soon.  Maybe even before that huge ---World ending snow storm.  

       The snow will all melt soon--and temperatures will not seem like winter time anymore.  And again above will be one of the sure signs you are indeed in Arizona!   ;)

Seems legit to me. 
Besides you can't see a chain saw on him.  
I believe I have shared this before--- but it is amazingly hard to hitch hike now a days.  
Very hard.   
That said---at one point in time I lived in Florence, Arizona. 
The town is fully in the middle of no where-surrounded by desert.  
It is also a prison town.  I believe there are four prisons there.  
The above yellow signs are all around the area. 
When I lived there my buddy  wanted to send me an all orange jogging/sweat suit
and see me jog around the local streets in it   to see what would happen.
I never did try this--but it sounds interesting for sure. 
If I ever do try   I will make sure it is all filmed at that the cameraman has lots of bail money.  

After the last week---and it is only Tuesday night, I might add--
I do believe a full beer-30 day is coming soon.
At the very least a road trip!

Mmmmmmmm coffee!!

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