Saturday, January 3, 2015


Greetings from Arizona!

               A hearty hello on this third of the new year!!  Although I kind of see January as an entire month of Monday's.  With the new starts and new daze and new you and me stuff.  But as usual what do I know??   

                                 *"Smile, someone's therapist knows all about you!"**

                  **"There are two types of people  Coffee people, and sad people. "**

   Again my newest Exploring page is gathering up pictures for your approval.  And for more posts and features!  Today and yesterday I was out snapping lots of new pictures.   Sorry posting them seems to take me so long.   Please ignore my slacker ways, and check out what is already online  at
 And as always my pictures, jokes, coffee love, and random rambling hits MY Facebook page first!   This is also the quickest way to gripe and complain about my thoughts    Please check it out at

                                                                     Good times! 

In all fairness tomorrow is my Monday at work.
AND I kind of see January as one very long Monday for many reasons....

Either way this is about coffee!!

  I did not take this picture---but the picture taker is awsome----he used to be a bus driver for the big city of Big Horn, Wyoming.   Check out the web sight at the right bottom for some amazing pictures.   Anyways, this is my home town---well Sheridan, very close to my home town.  And the Main Street --just the other day.   I deffinatly do not miss the cold or the snow--or the town really.   At any rate, this is an amazing picture.  I do miss some of the people there, including my amazing parents.  

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